[Annoversary] An Introduction

The Magic SOB forum is for posts of story sequences that are frequently vignette-based. Put those here while actual battle reports can go in Reports From the Field.
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[Annoversary] An Introduction

Post by Infinity » Sun May 31, 2020 10:09 pm

A group of Orsator Contingency troops patrol the barren wastelands.
ImageIMG-0338 by Infinity Slayer, on Flickr
Suddenly warp signatures surround them
ImageIMG-0340 by Infinity Slayer, on Flickr
4 soldiers dressed in all black and heavily armed appear
ImageIMG-0342 by Infinity Slayer, on Flickr
As quickly as they appeared, the newcomers attack...
ImageIMG-0345 by Infinity Slayer, on FlickrImageIMG-0351 by Infinity Slayer, on Flickr
The Sergeant decapitated, 2 soldiers shot in the back and another run through with a sword. The final member of the patrol blocks his opponents strike with his gun.
Dropping his gun he boots the enemy soldier away and makes a run for it
ImageIMG-0353 by Infinity Slayer, on Flickr
The black spaceman lines up his shot, but a warp signature appears
ImageIMG-0354 by Infinity Slayer, on Flickr
A familiar voice says, Don't shoot
ImageIMG-0358 by Infinity Slayer, on Flickr
Black DSM: Sir but he'll get away.
QS Infinity: Let him run, with his escape the Anno Galaxy will know that the Infinity Empire is tired of sitting on the sidelines, today we go to war, and no one will stop us
The rest of the attack force appears
ImageIMG-0365 by Infinity Slayer, on Flickr
The most dangerous enemy you can fight is a man with nothing left to lose


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