Re-Finding ~Part 2

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Re-Finding ~Part 2

Post by CaLego420 » Wed Jun 10, 2020 3:05 pm

Here, Now

Image20200606_014309 by Dats Private, on Flickr

KreatorDrone3000: "Oh nonononononono...dammit, I should have known! How did this one slip past?"

Image20200606_014527 by Dats Private, on Flickr

KreatorDrone3000: "Great. A metadimensional, multiverse event effects the most mundane of aspects on some quasiparadigm scale in such a 'brutal' way that it reaches out from it's supposed prison and absolutely destroys the everyday life of the entire planet possibly caused by a fictional happening. This would be downright fucking weird if I hadn't heard worse. The Konvergence the cause of Real World Woes due to the simple fact so many Creators were in one place at one time? Could it be more likely then we think...?

Image20200606_020645 by Dats Private, on Flickr

KreatorDrone3000: "Lights! Well damn, compared to that life-altering bombshell convincing little miss B.T.Team 3 should be a cakewalk...through a volcano on your hands while drunk after just getting over a cold. Which reminds me, activate beer!"

*Highly Industrial Hollywood pr0n Star Voice*
"Beer Engaged!"

KreatorDrone3000: "Thats what I'm talking about...well might as well get this unfortunateness out of the way. Alright, activate transport!" *CRACK!*

*Highly Industrial Hollywood pr0n Star Voice*
"Err...are you sure you wish to activate transport? Subject shows extremely high levels of aggression! A security detachment or perhaps tranquilizers strong enough to put an elephant to sleep are highly recommended!"

KreatorDrone3000: "Yes yes thank you, just activate the transport for the love of everything good!"

*Highly Industrial Hollywood pr0n Star Voice*
"Incoming Transport!

Image20200609_195428 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena; "...and that's why your only real choice was to confederate, High Command---"
KreatorDrone3000: "Hhheeeyyy..."

Image20200609_195740 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "...this is not happening..."
KreatorDrone3000: "So I thought we could have a little pow-wow. I got some things to to tell you..."

Image20200609_195840 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "....seriously..."

Image20200609_200123 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "Are you kidding me?!? I did NOT just go through all that madness for no reason!! I just got all my people back!! We won that stupid arena contest and I managed to confederate ALL OF THEM and now you're telling me that all of my work is for NOTHING?!!? What the fuck do you want from ME? WHY AM I HERE??"

Image20200609_200255 by Dats Private, on Flickr

KreatorDrone3000: "Yeah...I can tell you're a little butt-pained about this..."
Director Lena: "Oh gee whiz, can you?"
KreatorDrone3000: "...and all of your work isn't for a matter of fact your probably going to need all the help you can get..."
Director Lena: "I'm thinking like 3 seconds..."
KreatorDrone3000: "Well at least you aren't thinking Arby's. Anywho things have kind of went sideways, as in gotten completely out of hand, so I need a clean up on isle a manner of speaking."
Director Lena: "No..."
KreatorDrone3000: "Oh c'mon, stop being such a sour puss! Where's your team spirit?"
Director Lena: "Must be in my other suit, but if I remember correctly I'm pretty friggin sure that near every single one of my 'teammates' have tried to take us out for one reason or another. So it should go without saying that I don't give a single fuck about helping you to clean up another one of your messes."
KreatorDrone3000: "It's your fault though, so I think you should take just a bit of responsibility here."
Director Lena: "...okay, enough of this! You totally just did not say that..."
KreatorDrone3000: "But it's true, if you look within your heart you know it as well..."
Director Lena: "That does it!"
*Voice of V.O.I.D.*
"Weapons systems activated!"

Image20200609_224727 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "I've had enough of this it took FOREVER to get as far as we have, and now you want to what!!? Reboot, restart, reformat? Huh, what?!?"
KreatorDrone3000: "Holy---hey take it easy!"
Director Lena: "Shut up! I'm on the edge man! There isn't nowhere left to go but down, so what is the PROBLEM that you need us to fix so bad, huh?? It better be good or I'm going to field test the absolute shit out of this new rifle!"
KreatorDrone3000: "The Konvergence hasn't stopped, if anything it's gotten worse!!"

Image20200609_225544 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "I'm sorry...what now?"
KreatorDrone3000: "It's true. Something happened during 'The Party' that coincided with 'The Konvergence', probably something posted that simultaneously was submitted down to the last nanosecond, in either case I think it's better if I just show you? So you ready for a field trip?"
Director Lena: "...I'm morbidly curious."
KreatorDrone3000: "Fantastic, engage transport!"

Not much time later

Image20200609_233434 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "Wow...I guess I have to ask..."

Image20200609_234827 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "What in the actual fuck???"
KreatorDrone3000: "I know it's kind of a fixer upper..."

Image20200609_235303 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "I'm pretty sure 'condemned' is more the word you're looking for..."
*Voice of V.O.I.D.*
"Weapons systems deactivated"
KreatorDrone3000: "It's not all bad...sort of, I mean just look around what do you see?"
Director Lena: "Aaugghh....fine. I see a Type-2 power cell with G.T. crystal...a Gen 1 missile defense system with two still in the pipe and lots of debris...this is a base isn't it?"
KreatorDrone3000: "Yeah and I'd get comfortable if I were you. Consider this home for the Blacktronian Confederation and it's allies for the foreseeable future."

Image20200609_235651 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "Okay but why would we need it? We're good in Citadel City."
KreatorDrone3000: "Yeah about that..."
Director Lena: "....what...?"

Image20200609_235819 by Dats Private, on Flickr

KreatorDrone3000: "This little excursion isn't over it's time to visit some places and show you what you're up against, Strap in Magda, it's time to pay chaos a visit!"

To be continued...

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