Magical Weaponry

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Magical Weaponry

Post by Bragallot » Wed Jul 22, 2020 9:11 am

A sudden idea I had to include 'special' magical weapons into a fantasy, or even a sci-fi setting.

The concept would be simple. They would have the same base stats as their non-magical counterparts.

The difference would be that armour, shields or weapons would not be able to mitigate their damage or deflect them (unless they themselves are magical).

Instead the minifig's willpower (equal to his action die) would take the role (heh, the 'roll') of 'armour' when defending against a magical weapon's attack.

Magical shields or armour could similarly rely on 'willpower' for the character using them, decreasing damage by the amount of the roll.

The idea is that magical weapons would be rare, and that the rolls would indicate the more unpredictable nature of magic.

The wielders of such magical weapons would often be heroes, who'd find it easier to cleave through hordes of lesser minifigs (as befitting of their heroic status) but wouldn't necessarily gain as much of an advantage against higher value minifigs who have more 'willpower'.

Cleaving through shields / armour could still be very strong since a lot of heroes come equipped with those so maybe their damage might need to be readjusted (= lowered), at least for the two-handed ones, but this is something a play test would probably show best.

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Re: Magical Weaponry

Post by RedRover » Sun Aug 02, 2020 8:07 am

What I typically do with my magic weaponry is have it augment weapon stats based on a skill roll or the user, but this system is intriguing as well

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