The Deadly Spaceman

BrikWars Building Brick Combat System, 2010 Edition
By Mike Rayhawk
Copyright ©1995-2016 Mike Rayhawk

The Deadly SpaceMan
The Deadly SpaceMan! Where did he come from, and for what dark purpose was he created? Little is known of the histories preceding the 1,978th Rekonstruktion, and the mute and primitive figures surviving from the Time Before SpaceMen have few clues to offer.

The tales of the Deadly SpaceMen's dimension-spanning internecine wars between the Red and White SpaceMan factions would fill a library. For modern purposes, it's only important to note that when their thousand-year rampage reached its end, they had kicked the ass of the entire cosmos. As SpaceMen of both factions planted their flags on the burning husk of the final unconquered chunk of planetary debris, the cumulative butt-kickings of an eon's worth of conquest resulted in the universe-breaking singularity known as the Exploding Kanon Ball.

(BrikWiki entry: Deadly SpaceMan)

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