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Significant Events

  • First battle report ever is created.

Reports From The Field

Played by Battle Description Thumbnail
NELUG Battle of Brickston The very first BrikWars battle ever to make it onto a web page was a fight between Eric Joslin and Shaun Sullivan on the living room carpet. This bitterly-fought quarrel opened the way for a series of NELUG BrikWars events, as well as for years of persistent rumors of an illicit passion burgeoning between Shaun, Eric, and an unusually suggestive model train car.
Battle of Brickston
NELUG NELUGS first "official" battle April Fools day 2000 -Nelug's first battle; due to a perponderance of new and inexpereinced players, setup takes a long time, and not much action takes place. The setup is still pretty cool.
NELUG's First Official Battle
NELUG Attack of the Gonks This battle featured the suicidal Gonk Bombs, a testament to the frustration and rage felt by Shaun during the many years before he was able to prove that the word 'Gonk' had been his own invention. There was much carnage and shreaks of dismay were heard often. Unfortunatly Eric J. and Shaun could not role dice in their favor to save their souls (or their minifig's souls in this case). Eric K's heavy mecha reaked havoc over Eric J. and Shaun's forces taking out 1 light flyer, 1 medium flyer, and a mecha. Dave's space slaves were totaly ineffective and even nearly led to a battle between friendly forces as the dove in front of a motorcycle just as it was lining up a shot on the enemy. While Eric K's GONK kamakazi's were not as effective as hoped they did create some spectacular explosions and had the enemy on the run.
Attack of the Gonks
NELUG BrikWars 1942 Dawn breaks over the misty streets of Mer-du-Sang, a small village in northern France. The village looks quiet at first, but if we peer through the fog, we can just make out a German patrol! They have taken the town, after facing a grim and determined retreat staged by the French Resistance. Now, camped out on Rue le Jour, the town's main street, they are planning their next move. But this is no ordinary patrol; this group is particularily well armed and General Freidrich Wilhelm von Eisenberg is personally accompanying this particular group in order to make his way back to the front after a bit of personal time back in Berlin. He brings with him an updated version of the Enigma codebook, the key to all German communication. Always cautious, he has gone in the face of all military logic and posted a rather heavy guard of four men- one at each corner of the camp- to watch for any signs of French "military" activity. But there's a surprise in store for Herr Eisenburg... more pictures
Brikwars 1942
NELUG The village of Flying Sheep Knights, ninjas, wizards, and giants gathered together to make a complete mess of Dave Eaton's medieval village. Despite the giants' French epithets and the wildly unbalanced wizards, the sheep were ones who stole the show. More pictures
NELUG gets medival.jpg
BLOC The Battle of Mount Jar Jar BLOC's first battle featured (among other things) a four-story bowling pin, a psychedelic multi-colored tank, and an oafish BURPman using Timmy as live bait; A sizeable army of spacemen, with tanks and mechs as accompanyment, traverse through a BURP-man infested BURP-path, effectively a bottle-neck, in order to lay seige to a castlemen army twice their size. pictures
Battle for mount jar-jar
BLOC Death to the Pepsi Brotherhood The interstellar war of two starfaring civilizations is interrupted by the interference of hallucinating civil-war reenactors and an SCA renaissance fair gone wrong. All vie to discover and make off with a mysterious crystal of unimaginable power, which is defended by the super-powered Colonel Sanders, Taco Bell Chihuahua, and Pizza Hut Girl. More Pictures for your perusal.
Death to the pepsi brotherhood
BLOC [2500 CP MegaBattle Adrian and Gino give the Australians a run for their money in the quest to stage the Biggest BrikWars Battle of All Time. pictures
2500 CP megabattle
BLOC samurai vs knights The claymore: tastes great! The katana: less filling! The eternal debate over which sword is best breaks out into open warfare
Samuri vs Knights
WAMALUG Amphibious Assault This scenario by Jason Rowoldt pitted enemy naval forces against one another in a race to penetrate and loot a fortified offshore platform. Not fortified enough, as it turned out.
Amphibious Assault
WAMALUG Prison Breakout had competing army factions fighting to break their chosen prisoners out of a maximum security prison.
Prison Breakout
STUDS Battle of Tank Steam The forces of James Bond go up against the evil SHAG organization in a conflict that balloons wildly out of control. To complicate matters, the notorious space pirate Captain Ahab arrived in his space galleon crashed the party and did a terrible job of looting anything of value.
Battle of Tank Steam
STUDS A tale of two pities The samurai James Bond-sai and King Richard II lead opposing medieval armies that seek to conquer the magnificent Castle Kevin and rescue the fair princesses within. King Kevin, the current resident, takes umbrage at their plans and battle is met. Once again, a far, far greater number of minifig units than anyone would consider prudent are involved.
A tale of two pities
STUDS Wherefore art though, Romeo? Political intrigues, prostitutes, peasant revolts, and the Pope-mobile combine to wreak havoc in a small town as the disguised heir to the throne of Kevin makes ready to inherit his father's throne.
Wherefore art though, Romeo?

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