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Significant Events

Reports From The Field

Played by Battle Description Thumbnail
NELUG The Great Tile Hunt Nothing gets a warriors' blood pumping like shiny tile booty, and the possibility of more shiny tiles hidden nearby. Rumors of secret tile supplies in this small town led to a military Tile Rush. More PIctures.
The Great Tile Hunt
NELUG St. Patrick's Day Massacre Some people pinch you if you're not wearing green on St. Patrick's day. Others take the holiday more seriously and nuke your cities. More Pictures.
St. Patrick's Day Massacre
NELUG Medieval Hostage Crisis Nefarious forestmen have made off with the princess and left nothing more than an illegibly retarded note. Medieval combat ensues. But meanwhile, what's with that statue in the middle of the battlefield, standing in the giant flagstone urinal? More Pictures.
Medieval Hostage Crisis
BLOC Wild West Alien Rescue Union soldiers load a captured alien vessel on a train, and attempt to transport it back to the capital for "research." Native Americans on horseback arrive in the nick of time to try and rescue their imprisoned Martian brothers.
Wild West Alien Rescue
WAMALUG Castle Siege A medieval lord, angered that his expensive castle is going to waste, hires a local army to besiege it.
Castle Siege
WAMALUG A battle in November It was November. Armies arrived. Battle ensued. No other details available.
A battle in November
WAMALUG Multi-species battle-rama Medieval soldiers attack ancient ruins and are surprised to face a whole zoo's worth of defenders - including an elephant, a three-headed dog, a squid, a tyrannosaur, several orange platypi, and more!
Multi-species battle-rama
WAMALUG Assorted battles Just some pictures you may enjoy.
Assorted battles
STUDS Mugs and Bugs The Sydney crew joined up with some MUGS (from Melbourne) and BUGS (from Brisbane) and once again plastic blood was shed.
Mugs and Bugs
Mike Rayhawk Nagettepo Monestary After seeing so many great fan sites, the BrikWars home team decided to do a battle write-up of our own. This game was one of the playtests for the Medieval Japan supplement. More Pictures.
Nagettepo Monestary

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