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BrikWars is an incredibly versatile system, designed to generically tackle the wide variety of genre, character, army, and story choices players may wish to include in their games. This versatility is one of BrikWars' greatest assets but sometimes, it is not specific enough to meet the needs of certain players looking to experience certain kinds of games outside the scope of the normal smash-em-up wargame. Luckily for them, BrikWars is also simple enough to be used as a toolkit, enabling enterprising players to expand the scope of the base game to accommodate a variety of other modes of play. These Alternate Game Types are different from normal Rules Supplements in that supplements modify the basic game where AGTs alter the fundamental nature of the play experience. It is important to note that each of the following categories does tend to depart significantly in some fashion from the core game rules. Otherwise, modern BrikWars is perfectly capable of handling the situations they represent in simpler terms.


BrikRacing involves, almost solely, tackling BrikWars as a racing wargame. It's just a large enough difference to warrant some more detailed rules or guidelines on how to expand the vehicle section of the core rules into a larger, more focused ruleset which may present players with more options and customization.


BrikwaRPGs transform the wargame into a roleplaying game. Players typically take on the roles of singular characters (instead of whole armies) and interact with the BrikWars setting (instead of merely smashing it to pieces with their hordes). Most BrikwaRPGs are much the same as the wargame they're based on, with characters being the ones doing all the heroic smashing, but there is a much greater potential for storytelling (batshit crazy type storytelling) in the BrikVerse than players would usually experience (such as with backstories for battles). Furthermore, several BrikWarriors have built their own systems which handle necessary details like character growth and longevity. At some point, it is believed, the best of these systems will merge together and create a new game set in the BrikVerse.

MicroScale BrikBattling

Most commonly seen in the form of "MicroSpace," where mini sized capital starships do furious battle in the depths of outer space, MicroScale BrikBattling can actually represent any scaled down wargames. These may be scaled down to save space on the gaming table or they may be scaled down because the "true" size of the models would be impossible or costly to represent (such as with capital starships or colossal warmachines). Most of the differences here lie in the prefabricated conversion work necessary to run such smaller scale encounters. However, some contributors have created systems designed to generate a more specific play experience using an expanded version of a rules section.