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Significant Events


Reports From the Field

Played by Battle Description Thumbnail
NELUG WWII Train Assault The Allies attempt another surprise attack after their wild success (one survivor) in July of 2000, but this time the Nazis are ready for them.More Pictures
WWII Train Assault
NELUG War of the Bricks A soviets vs. Americans Red Moon type scenario by Wayne McCaul of NELUG
War of the Bricks
NELUG Coalition Research Vehicle 0.937 The Factions challenge Coalition authority in a race to track down a high-tech Ugly Hat and some porn, in a derelict research vessel in which the development of a new biological superweapon has gone horribly, hilariously wrong.pictureseven more pictures
Coalition Research Vehicle 0.9379
NELUG Quest for the Alien, part 2 Coalition and Faction troops return to the derelict research vessel in an attempt to track down and capture the deadly alien lifeforms hidden therein. Sadly, they were no match for the wily bartender droid and his hypnotically irresistible beer. Features some lovely modular space
Quest for the alien part 2
NELUG The Nameless horror No survivors retained enough of their sanity to tell the tale of what happened on this terrifying night, but the pictures that emerged show Cthuloid demons straight out of H.P. Lovecraft's darkest nightmares mangling their way through ranks of innocent townspeople
The nameless horror
WAMALUG Battle for ButterCat Once again, a modular spaceship becomes a killing field for a host of Wamalag troops.
The battle for buttercat
STUDS Way too much carnage This battle was so large that nobody seems to have any clear idea of what went on, except that a good time was had by all. A half-dozen or more spacefaring armies weighing in at 500CP apiece laid waste to one another in a small and very unfortunate town.
Way too much Carnage
STUDS Hijinx in the Highlands The Studs headed to Mittagong and staged a "BrikWars of truly biblical proportions," with the intention of setting the world's record for Biggest Medieval BrikWars Battle Ever Staged, despite already holding all previous records in that category. The game was in fact truly enormous, and we're eagerly hoping for a write-up. In the meantime, however, there's lots of pictures to gape at.
Hijinx in the highlands
The Reverend Brickingham Unusually inspired by the game at Brickswest 2002, the Rev duped his friends into staging a very similar game on his shiny Pergo floors. Suspiciously similar, in fact. The battle was staged in his impressive taown of Brikingham, with all kinds of clever secret missions and heartwarming tactical shenanigans, but as exciting as these details are, they are largely overlooked by other BrikWars fans reading the battle report. Their responses all follow an eerily similar refrain: [actual quote from e-mail:]Is it just me, or did the Rev's BW game include attractive women ?!?!?! The Reverend has clearly hit upon a previously undiscovered vein of deep frustration and even anger felt among the general BrikWars community, and should watch his back if he plans to continue showing off in such an irresponsible manner.
Brickingham day 1
The Reverend Brickingham day 2 A couple of days later, disappointed that so much of Brikingham had survived the battle unscathed, the Rev and Lila staged a second game and proceeded to flatten large portions of the town.
Brickingham day 2
Mike Rayhawk Capture the flag Here's the game we hosted at the BricksWest 2002 convention in Carlsbad, California. Great fun was had by all, and large chunks of the meticulously-constructed city were razed to the ground. Photo Gallery
Capture the flag
GENCON GENCON Cyprus Tree Massacre, day 1GENCON Cyprus Tree Massacre, day 2 James Seibert and Chris Weeks ran a medieval Japanese battle at GenCon which was almost too large for the table.
GENCON Cyprus tree massacre

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