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BrikVerse inhabitants are aware of several key ideas. Some of them drive minifigs. Others are antithetical to their very beings.

Awesome or Ossum

Anything that is particularly admired by a BrikWarrior. Often, Ossum things will change the very course of the BrikWars narrative.


Minifigs die, like, a lot. Many are reborn, or find some loophole that let's them return to life, so that they can do the dying again. Regardless, when they die, their spirits have to go somewhere. Mostly, this is random. Sometimes, their destination is driven by their personal beliefs but souls get traded and stolen by extraplanar entities all the time. Other times, a minifig's performance in life determines their destination.


It's a brick. But things are spelled with a simple "K" here, more often than not. No one cares much, but this will be the most common use of the rule.


The act of putting together construction toys in such a way that is representative of the BrikVerse. Other forms of construction toy play are commonly called brick building, though this is usually specifically refers to creating representations out of normal bricks and not specialty pieces.


See RealSpace.


Main article: BrikVerse

The universal setting for BrikWars.


The most primary state of fun. Things, such as armies, can be considered quite wonderful when ordered and structured but are considered at their BrikWarsian peak when devolved into chaos, such as during the course of a battle with minifigs in pieces, briks flying everywhere, and blood splattered throughout.


Anything which has been BrikBuilt (see above).


Creativity is prized among BrikWarriors. In BrikWars, it is most commonly represented in two ways: the ability to cleverly brikbuild anything (diorama, armies, terrain, characters, etc.) and the ability to tell great stories set within the narrative of the BrikVerse.


A borrowed term, referring to the onomatopoeia associated with the sound automatic weapons make, this is a term that most often mean, "Moar Guns!"


Considered an emotion essential to the healthy growth of a minifig. After all, fear is path of wrongfulness. Fear leads to Peace. Peace leads to Love. Love leads to Suffering. But, like, not in a good way.


Logik is what makes the universe of Brikwars rational and understandable to its inhabitants. Logik is only distantly related to logic, like an inbred half-cousin. When using Logik, it's quite okay to build houses with three walls and no staircases, to have vehicles roll around without any logical power source and to design weapons that can only be used by having the gods themselves intervene in the minifigs' conflicts and flick said missiles with their mighty fingerpowers. Logik is difficult to define to the uninvited but it is essential to any activity in the Brikverse.


Main article: Piltogg

The Manliness level of Piltogg is measured as 1 Piltogg; all other things can thus be measured in terms of this unit.


The quintessential goal of every minifig. What matter if battles are lost so long as much mayhem ensued?


Main article: Natalya


A collection of Universes, grouped by themes and ideas. The BrikVerse is part of the Legitimitium MultiVerse.


Of or pertaining to utterly badass things or characters, brought about by utterly badass stories and legends, often beyond the ken of mere minifigs.

Nonsense or "the Nunz"

The basic, at rest state of the BrikVerse. Nothing makes sense here. Don't even try.


For most minifigs, a necessary evil. Ultimately something to be shunned, or at least not spoken about aloud in public, most minifigs would rather not have to deal with it at all.


Most often used in a context which refers to the BrikVerse, the term can actually mean any real universe and is often used to differentiate between Universes and associated extradimensional planar locations.


A common problem in a universe where everyone looks alike. Ooo, I mean, uh, you know, with only the hats and the skin color to set them apart. Oh, wait, um, no...hold on, now...


Main article: Troll


That which brings a minifig the most joy, violence is a staple of the BrikVerse.

War, Battle, Combat, or Conflict

Paying taxes, grabbing a bite to eat, playing a game. If it isn't a fight, it isn't worth doing.