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The Dodekube

The d-Sextuple Holy d-Dodekinity

The mathematically impossible Dodekube is the symbol and ruler of the mysterious Cosmic Dice. It is said that the outcome of any action that is attempted in the universe is ultimately decided by the Dodekube, and carried out by its Dice. Due to the impossibility of existing in the three-dimensional world of minifigs, the Dodekube itself has only ever been rolled by BrikThulhu.

The Dodekube holds terror for many, since it has supreme authority over everything yet is a blind and mad god. Fortunately the Humans often twist the Dodekube's decisions in favor of carnage, by means of fudge.

The mathematically-impossible Dodekube is the icon of the dice-worshippers, who believe that logic is an illusion and that the universe is built up of nothing more than the cosmic dice rolls of disinterested gods. The belief arises from the fact that even the most sober and rational minifigs sometimes find themselves able to "see the dice."

Followers of dice worship are always looking for cover as they believe life is entirely random and that at anytime a few chunks of ABS could smack them to the ground. Although this does sometimes happen, it is a very rare occurrence.