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History of The Elmagnifico The title of Magnifico is a badge of honor, granted to one being per generation. Once one Magnifico dies, the next one is chosen. How a Magnifico is chosen is as follows.

Selection Of The Elmagnifico 7 Warrior Minifigs of appropriate awesomeness and purity of heart, free from any of Nega-Bloktrix's corruption, are summoned to the Chapel of the Divine Light. Inside, at the back of the altar, is the sword Santo Luz, mounted point down. Each warrior touches the blade, to determine if he is worthy.

If his soul is corrupted, and he seeks the sword for his own gain, the Builder will see through his deception and the sword will burn him to ash.

If the minifig is pure, but of inadequate awesomeness, the sword will burn his hand, leaving a small area ashy gray. The warrior will then leave the chapel, and he will never be allowed to try again.

If the warrior is pure, and awesome to the Nth degree, then the sword will blaze with an unnatural fire, but the warrior will be able to take the sword without burning himself. That warrior will then be decreed El Magnifico, and the sword will become his until he falls in battle, for no Magnifico has ever died of old age.

Santo Luz Santo Luz is a broadsword, forged from the heart of a star and able to control fire in any of its forms. El Magnifico, when wielding it, is invulnerable to fire and explosions. When El Magnifico draws the blade from it's scabbard, it becomes Transparent Orange, and lights on fire. It is one of the few known weapons able to counter an Orange Transparent Chainsaw, although it has never been used to block one for more than a few seconds.

The Current Elmagnifico The Current Elmagnifico is shrouded in mystery. Some say he was the ruler of Fico, leader of The Gamma Corps, and possibly the head of both the Order of The Divine Light and the Order of St. Erasmus. Which are also possibly the same thing. All that is known for sure is that he is the prestigious founder of the Forum Code, and may be controversial to some douches.