Immortal-Brootal War

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Immortal-Brootal War

Started: Apr 04, 2020

Finished: Jul 07, 2020

Hosted By: Ninja_Bait

Konvergence Brikverse
Immortal Alliance, Da Brootalz
Space Austrian Victory
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The Immortal-Brootal War was one of the first conflicts following the events of Ragnablok in the new Konvergence Brikverse. Emperor Warhead, believing Da Brootalz to be the cause of Ragnablok, deployed the Immortal Alliance to eradicate the Brootal threat before they could cause another apokalypse.

Pre-Ragnablok Conflicts

During Ragnablok, the Immortal Alliance emerged as one of the main bulwarks against the waves of Brootalz invading Nehellenium. The Immortals defended against the Brootalz at several critical battles.

At the Last Battle of New York, Immortal forces attempting to retrieve Austin's Box were caught by a wave of Brootalz. A Britannian Fleet in orbit failed to blockade the planet and Brootalz landed on the planet, and began to destroy the city. With no actual interest in Austin's Box themselves, Da Brootalz simply encountered it by chance. The planet was ultimately destroyed by the appearance of the Hatredcopter.

Warbawss Grimjaw brought a massive force to Conselia City, the former capital of Trattoria and now capital of the Immortal Empire. Those forces met with heavy resistance at the main city walls from a force led by Red Kaptain, and then later Sigma Shard himself. Both Grimjaw and Sigma Shard were defeated in battle, but Da Brootalz retreated after being summoned to the battle of the Konvergence.

At the Battle of the Konvergence, Da Brootalz faced both the Immortal Empire and Alliance member the Grand Galactic Empire. The Immortals were largely disengaged but the GGE handily defeated Da Brootalz, preventing them from capturing and destroying the Konvergence itself.

A Glitch in the Warsingularity

After the Brikverse reformed into the Konvergence Brikverse, contact between the Nehellenian Immortals and the Immortal Galaxy was lost. Warhead, as the ranking member of the Immortal family, named himself Emperor. In addition, he revealed that his shards had themselves Konverged, transforming him into the WARSINGULARITY, a single mind with many bodies. However, one shard, the one used as the Anti-Immortalium Detector, had become corrupted by Brootal blood at the Last Battle of New York, captured by the Brootmother, and nurtured into an Orkhead - both Brootal and part of the WARSINGULARITY. Struggling to block out or locate the Orkhead shard, Warhead declared a war of eradication against the Brootals.

Space Austria Commits Genocide Again

The GGE, Britannia, and the Immortal Empire engaged Da Brootalz on multiple fronts, slowly pushing the Brootal's nascent colonies back from the Brikverse at great cost in personnel and materiel. Suddenly, however, Da Brootalz went silent. Investigation revealed that the Brootals had been eradicated by a chemical weapon deployed by Space Austria on every known Brootal planet. A broadcast message from Empress Ante identified the chemical as "Roundup" and announced that Space Austria was taking refuge in the Anno galaxy and replacing the faction Han Khan, making it impossible to hold them accountable for their war crimes. With Da Brootalz eliminated, the Immortal Alliance declared victory in the war.

The Warsingularity, however, still sleeps restlessly...

A New Greenskin Foe

Following Space Austria's announcement, a mysterious broadcast went out through the space waves. A greenskinned biomechanical beast in a captain's hat and handlebar mustache declared that now that the Brootals were dead, DA BROOTALZ were here to fuck shit up. Subsequently, the Austrians quietly retracted their statements as new factions such as the Skion and StarCorps declared their intent to defend the Brikverse from this new foe at all costs.