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Distinctions: Fortune 666
CEO: Lord William F. Business
Country: United Systems Alliance
Website: www.octan.co.us
NYSE: OCT 78.97 +0.47 (0.59%)

"Oiled Up and Ready to Go"

Octan is the largest company in the Brikverse. They have slid their slick, greasy fingers in industries from shipping to professional racing. Other industries the mega-corp participates in include music, dairy products, coffee, TV shows, surveillance systems, history textbooks, and voting machines. The real moneymaker is in their sale of space oil, the substance almost all vehicles in the Brikverse run on. They sell a large amount of oil to Universal Transportation Systems. They will do anything to expand their oil drilling operations, and have their own in-house PMC to remove the competition...and any natives that get in their way. In addition, their advertisements are omnipresent in the Nehellium Galaxy, ranging from slick holoscreens in advanced ecumenopolises to random billboards on godforsaken TL 5 planets.

Set 4537 Illegal Waste Dumping Site.

In addition to its blatant and well-known minifig rights violations, the Octan company has come under fire from its shareholders for its poor corporate governance. The current CEO, William F. Business, has bestowed upon himself the title of Lord and will...put down any member of the Board of Directors that attempts to remove him. Octan also monitors all of its consumers to better meet their personalized preferences and offer better service...or so it goes. They also hold a tremendous amount of lobbying influence with the USA congress as well as many other governments, rivaling the Space Mafia in scope.

Key Financials (Amount) (% change)
Revenues: $544.20 trillion 1.1%
Profits: $66.4 trillion 99.4%
Total Assets: $650.3 trillion
Market Value: $1.13 quadrillion