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Phalek Empire
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Face meltingly awesome
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Emerian Empire

Empryan Colonies

Avokhan Empire

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In the beginning, the Phaleks were just normal minifigs, but with enemies (like any good minifig should have plenty of) called the Tals. Each side decided one day to kill the fuck out of each other, and went to war for 1000 years. When the Tals decided that they were tired of having their asses kicked, they set off a neutron bomb that ruined the whole planet via radioactive fire.

The Tals weren't able to withstand this sudden and devastating destruction, and were completely destroyed. The minifigs didn't get off any better, being horribly mutated into pathetic and floppy creatures. Luckily, their leader, Davidros, hatched a brilliant idea: he would turn these weird, flaccid mutants into hardened, hovering ABS shafts of death. Following this, they named their planet Cigaro, and began cloning the hell out of each other.

Later, Cigaro became one of three squabbling factions that held one entire planet each, that just so happened to be replicas of one another. Years rife with epic and fruitless warring passed, before the Vamtopians (one of the aforementioned factions) decided to unite the three Emerian homeworlds. First off, these dicks bought the Vaktovians with all kinds of political moves and a fucking lot of money. Then, when the Phaleks decided they had enough of these douchebags, the Vamtopians got all butthurt and sent wave after wave of badass Mercenaries and "professional" infantry at the Phaleks, and they eventually surrendered.

But after several decades, the uneasy republic was once rocked by the war. The Phaleks wanted almost complete control of the Emerian government, and offered this proposal to the High Council. Who of course veto-ed it like a bunch of dicks. So, the Phaleks launched a huge-ass invasion, but still somehow lost badly, with their home world being completely overwhelmed, resulting in the almost complete destruction of the Phaleks. But you can't kill all of them, because they're badass.

Thus, most Phaleks left Emeria, but some stayed. Cigaro is no longer in Emeria, being its own state, and it has been left to the Phaleks, and in "peace."


Cigaro was later discovered by an army known as the A.R.C who shared some of their stuff with the Phaleks in return for an alliance.

Very shortly later, the Phaleks gained some allies called Empyra and Denmark who went to war with each other.

At first the Phaleks were neutral in this war, but then they saw that Valoros joined the Danish which caused the Phaleks to side with Empyra.

In another conflict on a planet called Soluin, Phalek invaders allied with the Imperial faction and began to mine the planet in search of a precious metal called Phalekanium, Enslaving massive amounts of Rebels.

Following the end of the Denmark-Empyra war, the International Space Mafia, took over lots of A.R.C Companies, including a Empire wide renown Curry shop, Which got turned into an Italian restaurant causing massive Riots between Phaleks and pretty much anyone they could get their hands on who Didn't comply even in the slightest way to the Phalek law, and an estimated 2.987 trillion Yellows were killed, taken away and turned into Phaleks before The Emperor Took control of the Curry Market.



When the Phaleks see a planet, this is how they proceed:

1)Is it Yellow?

2)Is it friendly?

3)Are they of any use to us?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, The Phaleks will attack. Extermination occasionally follows.


A new Phalek is created by being cloned from an already existing Phalek, the new Embryo spends a relative amount of time locked in a Vat of nutrients, before being put into his travel machine

The next few days are spent training and stuff. Due to that fact that the A.R.C. is always doing the work on their planet, the Phaleks quickly enroll in some sort of military platoon.

There are several different armies in the Phalek military, they are mainly Bred to serve a group of General, a supreme Phalek or the Emperor.

Normal Phaleks These Groups have more or less random Armor colors, but usually with one Defining scheme which is recurring throughout there Fleet, leaders and Troops. They are referred to as Conquest armies, they are ordered in a Numerical Fashion(1st conquest army, Second Conquest Army,...)

Imperial Phaleks These ones are of a Gold and White design, the top part features Two Black rings and a colored ring matching that of their respective Supreme, Every Supreme Phalek has its own Army, they are referred to as the Imperial Legions and are individually known as their color.(Green Legion, Red legion,...)

The Emperors legion These ones are of the same design as the Imperial legions, apart from the top part has two Golden rings and then a white one on top, They are the Commonly referred to as the Phaleks of ultimate badassery.

Science Phaleks These ones are usually of a White color, the Studs on the lower part of the Armor are of a transparent color, they tend to work with ARC scientists. They are protected by the Science guard, they can be recognized by their Silver armor and Blue studs.

The minifigs of the empire receive a special injection at birth which removes their ability to feel useless emotions such as Love or compassion. Once they are old enough, they go down several paths:

Normal job Basically the same as anywhere else in the Brikverse where jobs exist.

Planetary defense force The standard minifig infantry of the empire, they basically stand around in trenches all day and do nothing until someone tries to rebel or their planet is attacked, then they charge around and get shot at. There are several different classes of infantry.

A.W.E. pilot This comprises sitting in a building all day, then sitting in either a tank or plane or something all day.

Space troopers grey uniformed soldiers who spend a lot of their time in spaceships being carried to warzones, there are also several different types of soldiers here. They are mostly grown in massive labs like the Phaleks to ensure their superiority, although, the best P.D.F. troops are sometimes awarded with space-trooperdom.

Armored warfare entreprises At some point in history, the Phaleks looked at their vehicles and realized they were rubbish, it was decided that this was because they were trying to do stuff with sinkplungers and little peripheral vision. The supreme council then got together all construction companies in the land and reformed them into a single company which found itself with the massive responsibility of making pretty much everything the empire would use on the battlefield. And so they did. A minifig can get a job here if he or she wants.

Phalek variants

Here is a list of the current Phaleks

Standard Phaleks these are the normal Everyday guys

Rapid Assault Phaleks These are a Recent type, mainly used for scouting movements and herding enemies into ambush zones

Special weapon Phaleks Normal Phaleks with special guns

Paradigm Phaleks These are the most recent variant, and exist mainly as bodyguards, they can also serve as simple heavy(er) infantry, as they are much bigger than normal Phaleks.

Modern history

They are one of the founding members of EPĂ©EN.