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Notable Events

Forum Battles

Played by Battle Description Thumbnail
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battle name
name [link] description
battle name

Clash of the Tides by FISH!!!

Whatever Happened to the Bloodstained Serpent? by Arkbrik

Assault on Tiny Red Castle by Arkbrik

Relation-SHIP Problems by beluga

One blade, three wishes by Killer Karetsu

Conquest of Reval: Gauntlet! by Apollyon

Battle for the staff of stone by solvess

The Fords of Gelron by Bragallot

Assault on Dawnport by Zahru II

Freedom's Blood by Bragallot

Battle near Drakhelm by Zahru II

Outbreak! by Zahru II

Scythians Under Attack by Zupponn

Ruins Resort by Moronstudios

Battle of the Flooded Plains by Paco

All Quiet on the FELC Front by Arkbrik

Operation Mastercutor by Bragallot

The Siege of Starkeep by Bragallot

It's A Ritual by Bragallot

The Siege of Ursa Hold by Zahru II

Allegiance by Theblackdog

Mission No. X by Bragallot

Battle of the Maren by Silverdream

River Smithy Rumble by Rev. Sylvanus

Reports From the Field

Played by Battle Description Thumbnail
name [link] description
battle name
name [link] description
battle name

Battle for RectangularLand by 09123456

Brikwater Operation #1: The oilhead Situation by 09123456

Fight for Apocalypse City by alphafalcon451

8 way Brikwars by alphafalcon451

Last stand on Raider Valley by alphafalcon451

The Sunken City of Arrgghh by Apollyon; Akkadians vs Bricktopians

Ambush by the Ruins by Apollyon

Battle of Dooplok Swamps by Akbrik

Battle of the square woods by Akbrik, featuring Vergillus Raskilinov and Pwnies

peach massacre: now involving AN refugees - by Collete; featuring Time Traveling Super Jews

Battle for rectangularland 091234560

Brikwater Operation #1: The Oilhead situation 09123456a

Fight for Apocalypse city Alphafalcon541

8 way Brikwars Alphafalcon541

Last stand on Raider Valley Alphafalcon541

The sunken city of arrrgh Apollyon

Ambush by the ruins Apollyon

Peach Massacre Collete

Prussian Sector – diplomacy breaks down Bragalot

The Return Bragalot

The happy ending Treason Briksyd

Random battle for the grocery store Cakeman

Xenkan incursion chapter 1: first contact Dilanski

Strike Force! EdenBirch

FICO fatality: A cinematic deathmatch in Sequentia Elmagnifico

DSM civil war! Forlorn creature

Battle for the brown wall Fredde

Operation feelgood Ham701

Battle for the town heavyfishcannon

Battle for the pyramid IX_Legion

Zombie Lab battle Jodocast

A tale of two figs Killer Karetsu

The battle at Brikpass Killer Karetsu

Capture Lt. Krus

Reclaiming Fort Jefferson mgb519

Ambush Valley mgb519

The fall of El Papa Morganm

ARASF vs XHIA vs CU Morganm

Blazing Brikinville Moronstudios

Brikwar May 01, 2011 Natalya

Destruction at the church Natalya

Rev’s battle reports: Rev. Sylvanus

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