Stroiteliga Bratva

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Stroiteliga Bratva
City-State Alliance
Tek Level 7
Controls a swathe of territory in the Lambda, Beta and Alpha clusters

Headquarters: City of Bandarik

Armata Alliance
Slavonik Imperiya, Black Legion
Notable People
Leader: Vaclav, Lenskiy

An SLB Militia Storm Trooper, the well equipped veteran infantry of the Stroiteliga Forces. Art credit to Ninja_Bait

The Stroiteliga Bratva (Slavonik Script: Лига строителей Братва), Literally Translated to "Brotherhood of the Builder's League" and sometimes referred to as either The League or rarely Bratva. is a faction from the Monolith Realm, considered to be the second largest and most powerful of the known factions of the Realm. But paling in comparison to their biggest rival, the Imperiya.

Stroiteliga Bratva Color Code
Primary Secondary Tertiary Transparent (Vehicle) Transparent (Weapon) Faction Identifier
Black Yellow Dark Gray Dark Blue N/A Yellow


Stroiteliga Bratva was formed in the aftermath of the dissolution of a group known today simply as the Old Alliance. The first major realm-wide alliance that responded to bandit attacks on towns and cities that local police groups couldn't repel. Eventually the Black Legion appeared and made the world it's home, launching a number of raids and edge incursions against them. Eventually the group started to buckle from infighting and it's inability to deal with rising threats.

Several Alliance officers defected to the new group known as the Imperiya, days later, when all hope was lost. Another wave defected, deciding to start a new group following similar principles to the old alliance, but rather than trying to defend everything, this new League would only protect those who signed up and contributed to the cause. They would compete with the Imperiya for the scraps of the Old Alliance's territory, eventually sparking a war that became jokingly known as the "Star War" given that both groups used a star as their flag.

After the dust settled, the Stroiteliga Bratva settled down as an alliance of city-states and merchants. Their territory is not as vast as their rivals, but they still control some of the most valuable assets in the realm.


The Bratva is led by a duo of Marshals, who hold equal power. Beneath them is typically comprised of a few trusted military commanders and civilian liasons

Character Picture Rank Notes Status
Lenskiy Blank fig.jpg Marshal An Ex-officer of the Old Alliance and The original founder of the Bratva, Lenskiy later brought

his brother, Vaclav in and the two organized a large league of towns and cities into a prosperious union for a time.

Lenskiy has been missing eversince he was taken prisoner by The Imperiya's enforcer, Tachenko. His wherabouts are not known, and Vaclav assumed leadership in his absence


Captured by Imperiya Forces

Vaclav Vaclav.jpg Co-Marshal Vaclav has been a central Character since the first chapter of the Battleplate Chronology,

first appearing in 1-4 Became the co-ruler of the organization at the invitation of his brother, Lenskiy. led the Bratva alongside his brother and was responsible for several officersbeing given positions of power within the group much to his brother's distrust of them.

After Lenskiy's capture, was left to lead the group alone, and harbors great resentment towards the Imperiya. Became Embroiled in a conflict with the Black Legion, and when he chose to align the Bratva with the forces loyal to the Anwar council. during which he saw the destruction of the council, but also came into possession of a very powerful artifakt, The Dramacon.


Went missing after Battle of Isere

Moskal Moskal.jpg Officer First Introduced in Chapter 2

A heavily armored and angry enforcer who was given a valuable command position because he had impressed Lenskiy during the first war.

After Lenskiy's capture, Moskal began following Vaclav, angry over being defeated and being unable to stop the Imperiya from taking Lenskiy. After Vaclav went missing, the leadership of the Bratva became vacant, He would try to assume command but was Thwarted by Kast, the two's bickering would cause the Bratva to temporarily fragment, and alienate many of it's allies.

Kast Kast.jpg Officer Introduced in the first chapter and generally alternating between a central and supporting character eversince

Kast Renzo is a survivor of the Destroyed Gold Sector, althouth that has held little relevance in the new world. He was a low ranking officer during the Star War, but left the Bratva after it's end, opting to go on his own adventures. He unofficially rejoined the Bratva after the breakdown of the L-Gates and inadvertingly became the acting commander of the entire group in the absense of competent leadership after Vaclav went missing in Isere. After the conclusion of the Monolith arc, he seemingly left the realm

From time to time this character's Adventures are used as a form of Exposition for the reader.

Alive, Missing


The Stroiteliga Bratva's military is a jack of all trades and a master of none, biggest strength is diplomacy... For any lack within it's own army, it can usually make up for by bringing allies into a fight. As such, the SLB is often reliant on specialists from allied factions to fill the gaps in their battle plans or to bolster numbers, but when standing alone they still maintain a diverse arsenal of competent soldiers, specialists, light and heavy vehicles. Their protective nature towards civilians often gains them the support of militias just looking to help defend their worlds

The League maintains a sizable army, and a signifigant fleet of space ships, albeit small in stature.

The vast majority of the Stroiteliga Bratva's military presence is that of a trained Militia, regular citizens who have devoted their time to defending their, and others homes and businesses. Bolstered by Mercenaries and defectors from other groups. Despite being primarily a Militia, their forces are remarkably well equipped. Rivalled only by the Black Legion and the Imperiya.

Physical Representation of the Stroiteliga Bratva, R.2020


SLB Militia
Zag0.jpg The Stroiteliga's main fighting force are paramilitary force of uniformed Militia, armed with the SLB's proprietary Flechette weapons. Their man job is simply to attack or defend objectives. The SLB is generally able to field more troops than most opponents, so the Militia carry an advantage of numbers most times.
  • Variants Stats in Skill/Move/Armor/CP/Weapons, Refer to the Index for weapon stats
    • Soldier: D6/6"/4/4cp/Small Gun
    • Marksman: D6/5"/4/4cp/Big Gun
    • Demolitions: D6/5"/4/4CP/ Launched Explosive MK1
SLB Militia Heavy Weapons
Zag5.jpg SLB Militia units don't carry a vast arsenal of weapons with them on the field. emplaced Machineguns and Guided Missile launchers are sometimes used by Militia units in a stationary format
  • Variants Stats in Skill/Move/Armor/CP/Weapons, Refer to the Index for weapon stats
    • Demolitions: D6/5"/4/8CP/ Emplaced Launched Explosive MK2
    • Gunner: D6/5"/4/4cp/Emplaced Heavy Automatic
SLB Militia Medic
Zag9.jpg SLB Medics who heal the wounded on the battlefield, and also fight the enemy
  • Variants Stats in Skill/Move/Armor/CP/Weapons, Refer to the Index for weapon stats
    • Combat Medic: D8/6"/4/8CP/ Small Gun, Medkit

SLB Militia Storm Trooper
Zag1.jpg "Storm Troopers" are essentially Heavy Militia troops, fulfilling the same role as the regulars, they wear heavy armor and also carry portable machineguns available only to them,
  • Variants Stats in Skill/Move/Armor/CP/Weapons, Refer to the Index for weapon stats
    • Soldier: D6/6"/5/4cp/Small Gun
    • Marksman: D6/5"/5/4cp/Big Gun
    • Gunner: D6/5"/5/4cp/Heavy Automatic
SLB Officer
Zag8.jpg SLB Officers are often deployed to lead squads and better coordinate their attacks and movements.
  • Variants Stats in Skill/Move/Armor/CP/Weapons, Refer to the Index for weapon stats
    • Officer: D8/6"/4/4cp/Small Gun
SLB Utonici Elites
Zag3.jpg The Utonici are an elite unit who fight the enemy with advanced training and tactics.
  • Variants Stats in Skill/Move/Armor/CP/Weapons, Refer to the Index for weapon stats
    • Soldier: D8/6"/5/4cp/Small Gun
    • Marksman: D8/5"/5/4cp/Big Gun
    • Gunner: D8/5"/5/4cp/Heavy Automatic


Ranger.jpg Size: ~ Armor: ~
Drive Core: ~ Crew:


Special Components:




Weapon Type Skill Range Damage