The Overtober Overlution, Purge the Next: The Great Moderator Ibellion of 2,015

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Alternatively titled, by the denizens of the chat:

Overwatch is better than Piltogg and Benny at being a mod: Electric Boogaloo Keep spinning your golden words, Mr. Pianoman The Movie, just take all that shit and make it one title: Iconoclastic Ibellion: Gendis Purge 2: Electric Boogaloo: Overmeme Ovulation Overlution Overlotion Overloaded: Revengeance AND KNUCKLES: electric boogaloo in the title: 5 ties at overwatches This time its Percyville

And Lo, came the month of the Hellhunt to the BrikVerse in its 2,015th Rekonstruction, wherein the mighty Shadowscythe gave unto the noted anarchist Overwatch the great power of the GlobMod. With the transference of such ossum powers came the edict that he shall only use these abilities to annoy. The Goderator Natalya issued forth warnings to further regulate the flow and usage of this cosmic greatness. But more fools were they to think they could contain the wildness of Overwatch or the ambition of his benefactor, the mysterious Insert_Blank.

And so, in direct defiance of authority, Overwatch drew strength and purpose from the endless whining of the nostalgia ridden, downtrodden populace and summoned a scythe of his own with which to hew the forums down to size. The other purges, successive to the initial act perpetrated eons ago in BR 2,010, paled in comparison, much to the general annoyance of the godlings in charge. The Overlution even doubled the amount of posts flushed into oblivion by the first great purge, in some excess of 70,000 lost thoughts.

But this Purge, this grand electric boogaloo, this sweeping coup, was like no other in one other respect. The conspirators supplanted the Czat with a new one. And this was a realm properly named. And unto this realm came the people who dwelled there for a time. And so it was that the perceived stagnation, which had caused the arrogant and bloated to look upon the BrikVerse with disdain, was torn asunder. Though some fine threads were lost to this madness and despair fell upon a few, new hope sprang forth in the hearts and minds of others.