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Dr. X
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Dr. X (MD, PHD, ED, 917D, DRED) is a very large and very strange rodent-like being, rumored to have originated from the negaverse (These rumors have been frantically denied by all members of his political party and hyped-up by the GalacticMedia a bunch of times). He enjoys Bagels, Starfighters, and very small explosion noises.

A Brief History of Dr. X

Around the time of the Gray Shift, he was the 9,232nd Advisor for the Great Builder (his job was to punch the Great Builder in the gut if he was acting badly in public). However, something about the Gray Shift caused him to go insane, so he quit his job and retreated into seclusion, and started building an army to try and kill the Great Builder, all of his advisors, and pretty much everything else in the entire universe. Unfortunately he has completely failed, and has contented himself with blowing up things and eating bagels for now.

Other information

Dr. X is not amused when anyone attempts to do anything having to do with popular bands and/or football. He is, however, greatly amused when someone attempts do to anything having to do with the epic chronicles of How To Kill a Mockingbird, as that is suspected to be his favored deity. No one has ever seen Dr. X go to the bathroom. No one has ever seen Dr. X not answer a math question.

Dr. X is not affiliated with any blue socks, strange bikinis, and/or anything affiliated with those items.