Alltimate Corporation

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Alltimate Corporation
Distinctions: Fortune 666
CEO: Eva Wilhite
Headquarters: CSR
Website: .cz//alltimate
CPNext: ALT 106.97 +0.20 (0.19%)

"The Alltimate in hardsuit technology."

Founded in G.R. 2009 in the Czecho-Slovenian Republik, the Alltimate Corporation is a fast-rising star in the galactic arms industry. Alltimate manufactures mechanized combat chassis and weapons, in particular specializing in hardsuits. The corporation has rolled out such celebrated frames as the Black and White Knights and the Brawlers, mecha that have seen action across the BrikVerse with many different factions. Although they favor their native CSR in the deployments of new offerings, Alltimate exports weapons to almost all factions. The company is large enough to possess its own in-house research and development department.

The Alltimate design philosophy emphasizes an inherent low-tek design for ease of maintenance, but ensures high-quality materials and manufacture to enhance durability and combat effectiveness. This has allowed Alltimate to penetrate new markets of varying tek levels with ease across the galaxy.

Alltimate will occasionally partner with other companies to deliver cutting edge products in the galactic arms and mecha industry. Recently, they collaborated with engineers from the Trattorian Sun Engineering Corporation to produce an MK II modification of the latter's bodyguard droid with a combat focus.

The current CEO, Ms. Wilhite, hails from Bavaria. She envisions an unprecedented expansion of Alltimate Corporation and, as such, has explored diversifying into the consumer sector. Shareholders and rapidly growing stock prices seem to share her optimism.

See Alltimate Weapons for some product offerings.

Key Financials (Amount) (% change)
Revenues: Ξ31.5 trillion -2.9%
Profits: Ξ2.66 trillion 5.7%
Total Assets: Ξ34.5 trillion
Total Shareholder Equity: Ξ14.7 trillion
Market Value: Ξ41.4 trillion