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Apathy is the most dreaded force in the BrikVerse.

It strikes terror into the heart of every minifig and beast and heartless robots -- even their cold steel trembles at the thought of Apathy.

Apathy has the power to freeze even the mightiest legions in the midst of the fiercest battles. The melee suddenly stops; minfigs dying, stabbing, shooting, and running are all suddenly thrown into a stasis from which they may not recover for months or years. Entire B.R.s will pass and the battle will remain in place, like so many lifeless statues in an eternal fight, until the apathy is broken. The fight may then resume all of a sudden, but more often than not the brave warriors find themselves swept into the toybox, their day of glory never having fully materialized. It is better to have died in battle than to have been abandoned, frozen in time, without even a dice roll to determine one's true fate.

Apathy is a primary cause of Dark Ages among Humans. It can sometimes be caused by the development of dreaded outside interests, but is more often caused by other Humans being shitty to them - whether in the form of abusive trolling, self-righteous genital-waving, or whiny drama.