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In the BrikVerse, Assyrians are citizens of the Assyrian Star Empire. The empire is home to many people of different origins. The complicated history of the ASE resulted in an exclusively yellow population which has multiple ethnic backgrounds. The two most dominant ethnic groups are Latverians and Syriacs.


The modern Assyrian Empire traces its routes back to direct descendents of the Deadly Space Man Empire. The capital world Austere was part of the Latverian Space Republic which only controlled a few systems, until a military alliance was formed with the neighbouring Syriac Union. Eventually the two nations joined together to form the Assyrian Star Empire, and began a long campaign of expansions, colonizing and terraforming undeveloped worlds and conquering some smaller civilizations. Historians mark the end of the expansion period as B.R. 2002 which is when the CSR rebelled and won its independence. Assyrian borders have remained unchanged since that point.

Because of the combined forces of immigration and conquest, the ethnicities present in the ASE are quite diverse. There are significant populations foremost of Latverians and Syriacs, but there are also substantial populations of Chinese, Brittanian, Nordic, and Germanic peoples. Assyrians therefore may therefore try to identify themselves through their common citizenship instead of their ethnicity.

Notable Assyrians

Empress Xianghua

Empress Xianghua

Xianghua is the Heavenly Empress of Assyria. Her parents are unknown, but were of Chinese descent. She was adopted shortly after birth by the Emperor, but he died unexpectedly while Xianghua was still a young girl. No other heirs were present, so the empire was run by a viceroy-ship until she ascended to the throne when she turned 18 in B.R. 2004. Since her ascension there have been no substantial challenges to her rule from within the government, or from without. The Assyrians are accustomed to long, stable reigns of their leaders.

The Empress has presided over the empire during times of relative peace, and times of war. She has remained popular with her people throughout most of her reign. Modern sentiments against monarchal rule are actually a driving force of her actions. She is loathe to take a move that would put her people in danger or to make them angry with her. As such she has handlers and and effective press secretary to make sure she consistently presents a the image of a strong, savvy, and relevant leader. The Empress has also stated that she wants these goals to be followed with action. She is willing to undertake some challenges if she feels like in the end her people will benefit. This constant attempt to cultivate a favourable public opinion has occasionally placed her at odds with foreign heads of state, her handlers, and businesses with interests in the ASE.

Xianghua has a university education in civics and in history, and she is trained in hand-to-hand combat and some basic Trianglist magick. She of course never engages in combat, but she undertook the training in order to better understand the ASE military and for extraordinary self-defense situations.

Secretary Bradley

Secretary Bradley

Dr. Angus Bradley has been the Secretary of Technology to Empress Xianghua since B.R. 2012. He has a doctorate in computer science from Assur University. Secretary Bradley is in charge of technological procurement, R&D budgeting, weapons research, and advising the Empress on technological matters.