Atherta Federation

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Atherta Federation
Federation Flag.png
Tek Level 6
125 Systems
Notable People
Nathan Fassman

Mybrus Destroyer.jpg

One of the Federations destroyers the Mybrus Destroyer.


Atherta is a hostile planet on the far fringes of space covered in snow and polar bears of immense size however the planets inhabitants have survived such hardships and have started conquering the galaxy planet by planet on an eternal quest to purify the Brikverse of all peaches and CLOan brands.


Atherta boasts various technologies however their most used and most potent is their advanced energy shields. They do also boast the ability to create large amounts of super heavy vehicles on a whim from the high counsel they have countless worlds dedicated to the production of arms and armament weapons and tanks of all shapes and sizes.

Armed Forces

Each federation planet is required to raise and maintain its own army thus each planets army varies some drastically some very little. Most planet maintain a core of regular conscripted soldiers however many planets are know to make use of infantry that fit the history of the planet before it was concurred or colonized by the Atherta Federation these may be units of high tek pikemen or lancers but may even be troops in hardsuits.


The Atherta Federation believes in 12 gods each apart of life in the federation each is symbolized by a tooth on the cog that is on the Athertan flag. For a detailed list see the Creed Of The 12. However there is a single sub cult that has been permitted to take root in Atherta this is the machine cult who worship machines as gods and wish to replace their organic bodies with metal to further advance themselves to be closer to the machine. The cult itself is credited for the creation of some of the strongest war machines used by the federation.


The Athertan government is made up of a high counsel that votes on what actions to take and what direction to lead the Federation. The counsel itself is made up of 5 members each governing a cluster of planets with each cluster responsible for the production of one major resource and each planet is in turn lead by a governor and his retinue of leaders each responsible for an aspect of the world these ranks are as listed with a brief description.


The Governor is responsible to make sure that his underlings are doing the jobs that they should and to direct the flow of resources to wherever they are needed.

Lord Fabricator

The duties of the Lord Fabricator are to make sure that the troops of the planet are equipped with gear and vehicles as well as to produce enough arms and vehicles to export and bring in fresh revenue to the planet.

High Priest

The duties of the high priest and his underlings are to preserve the souls of those that dwell upon the planet and to root out heresy and execute peaches and those that harbor them.

Planetary General

The Planetary General is tasked with the training and control of the planetary army and he is also expected to lead his troops when called upon by the Federation.

Each position is held by a noble that will fulfill his duty until he dies or is removed in favor of a new lord that is deemed more worthy or better fit for the position.

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