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Northern Lambda Cluster
Monolith Battleplate Dimension
Key Resources
Controlled By
Black Legion
None, Purged
Key Locations
All Landmarks and Locales demolished

Basil, Was a large sparsely populated Plate World in the Lambda Cluster of the Monolith Realm, infamous for being the first Plate world to be completely destroyed by Black Magik of the Black Legion, It's destruction started a chain of events that would turn Minifig civilization on it's head over the next year.


Basil was a sparsely populated plate, with a few inhabited areas, some civilized and some hostile. The most notable feature of the plate is the Novgorod Trade Center, A fortified urban area owned by the Bay City Administration that plays host to many of the northern Lambda plate's traders and merchants. Minifigs from the area often buy and sell their goods here. And the administrators often provide paying work to volunteers. Novogorod is protected by a dangerous, defended area known as the Novgorod hills. the highest elevated point in the plate. Law enforcers often occupy the area and use it to spy on would be raiders. Novgorod is a densley packed town, and does not allow road vehicles, All cars and trucks are parked outside and serviced by a nearby fuel station

Next to Novgorod is an abandoned mining camp, known as Red Rock, named so because of the red buildings that dot the area. Red rock is known as a shady area where smugglers, criminals and savages will often hide while planning to infiltrate the trade town.

Greener Pastures is a small villa on the opposite side of the plate, offering a somewhat calm refuge from the hustle and bustle of the trade center. However recentley the Bay City administration have built roads on either side of the area, causing vehicles to sometimes pass directley through the base.

Down the road from Greener Pastures, is the Basil station, A small office that acts as an import/export zone. Where passing ships will drop off and pick up cargo for long distance transport to faraway plates.

Situated inbetween the Station and the Pastures, is a barren area known as the Dustbowl. A dry, dead region full of dirt, sand, rock and junk. A few scavenger bases dot the landscape and who's occupants are relatively friendly to the residents of Greener Pastures, however closer to the Station is a fortification known as the Scrap Palace. A large fort made of castle walls and broken ship parts, The residents of this area are known to attack on sight and frequentley try to raid both Novgorod, The Basil Station, and the PastuItalic textres.

Lastly, Fort Bluetop is a small fortification that was created by a small clan, it's periodically raided and captured by other clans and larger armies. It's perhaps the oldest structure in the region, Every time it's taken over, it's new owners contemplate demolishing it and building something better, but it always seems to stick around



  • Vorhut began sending patrols into the area, hunting the Black Legion but Vorhut Troops became distracted fighting and bickering with locals, while the Legion periodically launched raids against innocents. Vorhut also assaulted Fort Bluetop after an altercation between the occupants and their own Patrols
  • Basil Bob is killed by Kast Renzo for the first time, he awakes in the Basil plate confused to his identity. And quickly learns the ways of the Monolith Plates
  • Kast Renzo encounters Bob again, and feeling responsible for Bob's plight in the new world, takes him under his wing for a time.
  • Syndicate agents enter the region, looking for Kast Renzo.
  • Bratva also sends scouts into Basil, aware of Syndicate operations in the plate and wanting to keep tabs on their enemy.
  • A Power Stave, known as the Dramacron is unearthed by a scavenger. Several factions raid the region, Including Bratva, Krieger, Vorhut, Syndikat, and the Black Legion
  • Ultimately, Bratva wins the battle. Stealing victory from the clutches of Vorhut. Most of the locals are killed by Vorhut and Black Legion, Bluetop is damaged, Novgorod is devastated. and the Scrap Palace is taken over by Krieger
  • A small fight escalates into a massive melee, Ruined by Imperiya, The other factions convene in a summit to agree on an alliance against them. But that summit is then ruined by the Black Legion. *See Fall of Basil below*

Battle for Basil

The Basil plate was the setting of a small but bloody skirmish between several factions and other participants. An Artifakt known as the Dramacron was unearthed by locals, and detected by several armed groups across the Realm. Vorhut and the Black Legion were already in the region, and forces from Bratva, Krieger, and the Syndikat also arrived first before anyone else like Imperiya or Echelon. A bloody skirmish unravelled that killed most of the residents. The Scrap Palace and Novgorod Post were especially ravaged. With the latter sustaining the majority of the destruction.

Fort Bluetop was severely damaged by Explosives at the hands of the Black Legion, as well as much of the forest was burned down by them, The Scrap Palace was raided and captured by the Krieger Clan, and the Home Owners of Greener Pastures fled the region, leaving the district a ghost town.

Vorhut nearly captured the Dramacron, and one of their officers was actually the first to grab the Artifakt, although they were unable to fend off a last ditch hail mary by the Bratva, who in their desperation, caused massive damage to Novgorod Post, but ultimately defeated Vorhut and snatched victory from the hands of defeat. The Dramacron activated itself, imploring all forces hostile to the party that had captured it, to surrender or flee. And the region became a Bratva Outpost.

Bratva claimed victory over the battle, against all odds.

Fall of Basil

The destruction of Basil during the first battle left the region a relative ghost town. Few buildings were rebuilt and even fewer residents returned. The region was policed by Bratva and the Krieger Clan for a number of weeks, eventually after no activity the Bratva left. Leading to A small faction called the Greene Cartel setting up a contraband smuggling operation in the area.

The Cartel got into a fight with another group of smugglers and pirates known as the Reavers and the ensuing violence Spontaneously erupted into a huge fight with members of almost 20 different groups fighting one another in the melee. Eventually The Monolith Imperiya ruined the battle by carpet bombing the entire battlefield. A Meeting was called by the leader of Armata to organize a temporary alliance against the Imperiya for their constant ruining of things. The meeting was held at Anwar, The meeting stalled due to infighting between rivals. And was interrupted by several officers of the Imperiya, shortly after. The meeting was attacked by Charon and the Black Legion. Multiple Artifakts were stolen and the city was destroyed in an explosion. Bratva and Armata secretley agreed to an alliance against the Legion after the fact

Vaclav, leader of the Bratva used the Dramacron to lure Charon into a fight... And Members of the Anwar Administration tried to arrest him. But he used the Glass Soul to teleport one of his own Officers to protect him, Kain who slaughtered the Administrators with a dark energy blade, thus killing them forever and nullifying the Lazarus Effect on them. The Bratva/Armata alliance was routed and Basil was left to it's own devices.

Kain purged the region. destroying the Towns of Novgorod, Greener Pastures and the Scrap Palace. Survivors not killed in the fighting were captured and executed by the Dark Energy blade. After completing their executions, the Legion detonated some kind of weapon and flattened the entire plate. The region is now a dead zone.

Notable Residents

  • Basil Bob - An anonymous Minifig who was killed for the first time in an unknown region by Kast Renzo, Who reincarnated in Basil, and started using the name Bob as he'd forgotten his own name. Currentley Alive, and doing Mercenary work in the area for the Novgorod administration. He is notable in that he is one of the only minifigs known to reincarnate in the same place over and over again, without use of an L-Gate. Likely the result of a metaphysical "glitch" He was killed in the Battle of Basil, but reappeared in the forest again, the next day.

After the destruction of his "Home", he later began using the alias Basil,