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This is a stat sheet of a variant of brikwars units and weapons used in campaigns and battles from the Monolith Battleplates by Kastrenzo

Class Defining Equipment Base Armor Base Skill Base Move Abilities BW2019 Equivalent Unit Trait Improvement Tradeoff Cost Available to
Infantry Classes Heavy + 1 Armor -2" Move +1CP Soldier, Demo, Gunner, Warrior, Marksman, Assaulter, Officer
Warrior Melee 4 D6 6" Minifig Light + 4" Move -1 Armor +1CP Soldier, Warrior, Marksman, Skirmisher
Skirmisher Melee, Autogun or Blastgun 3 D6 7" Harrassment Skirmisher Veteran D8 Skill ~ +2CP All
Soldier Small Gun 4 D6 6" Minifig Elite D10 Skill ~ +4CP All
Assaulter Blastgun or Autogun 4 D6 7" Minifig Combat Trained Carry Assault Rifle 1CP More ~ Support Units
Demolition Explosives, Optional Small Gun 4 D6 5" Compensating Heavy Militia 2CP Less D4 Skill ~ Infantry, Support Units
Gunner Machinegun or Energy Weapon 4 D6 5" Compensating Heavy Weapon Use Range Damage Available to
Marksman Big Gun 4 D6 5" Aiming Marksman Small Gun 3 14"

Max 17"

1D6+1 Soldier, Scout, Demolition, Officer,Scout,Commando
Shield Shields & Sidearm or Stubgun 5 D6 5" Shieldwall Phalanx Big Gun 3 18"

Max 21"

1D6+2 Marksman, Commando
Sniper Sniper Gun 4 D8 6" Sniping Sniper Machinegun 3 +1A 14"

Max 16"

1D6+1 Gunner, Commando
Scout Optics, Sidearm or Assault Rifle 3 D8 7" Pathfinding & Tracking Scout Blastgun 3 6"


1D6+2 Assaulter, Skirmisher, Officer, Commando
Support Classes Autogun 3+1A 8"

Max 12"

1D6 +1 Bonus if less than 6" Assaulter, Skirmisher, Commando
Crew Crew Kit, Sidearm 3 D6 6" Pilot & Gunner Sniper Gun 3 20"

Max 24"

1D6+2 Sniper, Commando
Medik Medkit, Sidearm 4 D8 6" Ker-Triage! Medik Sidearm 2 6"

Max 7"

1D6 Leaders, Support Units
Mechanik Repair Tools, Sidearm 4 D8 6" Mechankial Aptitude Mechanik Energy Weapon 4 16"

Max 19"

1D6+4 Heavy, Commando, Commander
Engineer Building Tools, Sidearm 4 D8 6" Rationalism Explosive Launcher 3 12"


2D10 Demolition
Teknichian Tools, Lunch 4 D6 6" Assistance Tek Thrown Explosive 3 8"

Max 10"

1D10 Demolition
Special Classes Armor reflects the damage threshold of a unit. Anything over the value is a kill, anything under is shrugged off,
Commando Various 5 D8 7"
Psionik Brain Power 4 D8 6"
Leader Classes Skill reflects whether an action is successful, and in the case of weapons, whether an attack hits.
Officer Various 5 D8 6"
Commander Various 6 D10 6"
Scoring the maximum roll on a die will result in a critical success. Resulting in things like an extra action, an extra attack, a second damage roll, etc.

Weapon Explanations

Weapon Description
Small Gun Assault Rifles, Carbines, Blasters and other small sized, mid ranged guns
Big Guns Battle Rifles, Marksman Rifles, Precision blasters and other mid to long range guns

that pack a heavier punch

Machinegun An Automatic weapon that carries the firepower of multiple troops
Blastgun Shotguns, Scatterguns and other small sized, short range boomsticks
Autogun Automatic Rifles, SMGs and other small automatic weapons

Ideal for shooting at multiple targets in a turn Gains a bonus to damage if used 6" Or closer

Sniper Gun Sniper Rifles, And other very long range, highly accurate weapons

Ideal for killing specific targets at long range but not useful for much else

Sidearm Handguns, Compact carbines and other small personal defense weapons.

Typically carried only by non frontline units

Energy weapon Non-Explosive anti materiel weapons like Gauss rifles, plasma cannons, etc

Deals D10 damage as if it were an explosive, but no splash damage

Thrown Explosive Homemade bombs, Grenades, Charges and other devices biffed or deployed by

demolition experts to destroy or damage structures

Launched explosive RPGs, Missile Launchers, Artillery , grenade launchers etc

Generally does not include emplaced weapons or vehicle weapons