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This is a stat sheet of a variant of brikwars units and weapons used in campaigns and battles from the Monolith Battleplates by Kastrenzo

Class Defining Equipment Base Armor Base Skill Base Move Abilities BW2019 Equivalent Unit Trait Improvement Tradeoff Cost Available to
Infantry Classes Heavy + 1 Armor -2" Move +1CP Soldier, Demo, Gunner, Warrior, Marksman, Assaulter, Officer
Warrior Melee 4 D6 6" Minifig Light + 4" Move -1 Armor +1CP Soldier, Warrior, Marksman, Skirmisher
Skirmisher Melee, Light Automatic or Blastgun 3 D6 7" Harrassment Skirmisher Veteran D8 Skill ~ +2CP All
Soldier Small Gun 4 D6 6" Minifig Elite D10 Skill ~ +4CP All
Assaulter Blastgun or Light Automatic 4 D6 7" Minifig Combat Trained Carry Assault Rifle 1CP More ~ Support Units
Demolition Explosives, Optional Small Gun 4 D6 5" Compensating Heavy Militia 2CP Less D4 Skill ~ Infantry, Support Units
Gunner Heavy Automatic or Energy Weapon 4 D6 5" Compensating Heavy Weapon Use Range Damage Available to
Marksman Big Gun 4 D6 5" Aiming Marksman Small Gun 3 14"

Max 17"

1D6+1 Soldier, Scout, Demolition, Officer,Scout,Commando
Shield Shields & Sidearm or Stubgun 5 D6 5" Shieldwall Phalanx Big Gun 3 18"

Max 21"

1D6+2 Marksman, Commando
Sniper Sniper Gun 4 D8 6" Sniping Sniper Heavy Automatic 3 +1A 14"

Max 16"

1D6+1 Gunner, Commando
Scout Optics, Sidearm or Small Gun 3 D8 7" Pathfinding & Tracking Scout Blastgun 3 6"


1D6+2 Assaulter, Skirmisher, Officer, Commando
Support Classes Light Automatic 3+1A 8"

Max 12"

1D6 +1 Bonus if less than 6" Assaulter, Skirmisher, Commando
Crew Crew Kit, Sidearm 3 D6 6" Pilot & Gunner Sniper Gun 3 20"

Max 24"

1D6+2 Sniper, Commando
Medik Medkit, Sidearm 4 D8 6" Ker-Triage! Medik Sidearm 2 6"

Max 7"

1D6 Leaders, Support Units
Mechanik Repair Tools, Sidearm 4 D8 6" Mechankial Aptitude Mechanik Energy Weapon 4 16"

Max 19"

1D6+4 Heavy, Commando, Commander
Engineer Building Tools, Sidearm 4 D8 6" Rationalism Explosive Launcher 3 12"


2D10 Demolition
Teknichian Tools, Lunch 4 D6 6" Assistance Tek Thrown Explosive 3 8"

Max 10"

1D10 Demolition
Special Classes Armor reflects the damage threshold of a unit. Anything over the value is a kill, anything under is shrugged off,
Commando Various 5 D8 7"
Psionik Brain Power 4 D8 6"
Leader Classes Skill reflects whether an action is successful, and in the case of weapons, whether an attack hits.
Officer Various 5 D8 6"
Commander Various 6 D10 6"
Scoring the maximum roll on a die will result in a critical success. Resulting in things like an extra action, an extra attack, a second damage roll, etc.


Small Gun
Use Range Damage Notes
3 14-17" 1D6+1 ~
Cost 3CP Available to: Soldier, Scout, Officer, Demolition* Support*
Small guns are the Light Rifles, Carbines, Blasters and other Service weapons

given to the rank and file troops of an army. They can be given to Demolitions and support units for an additional CP cost

Models Shown left to right Imperiya LR37 , Stroiteliga SLR, Legion Lazgun, Collective CAR, Echelon Crossfire, Alliance Tommy, Vorhut Fire Carbine, Various Commercial & Homemade weapons

Big Gun
Use Range Damage Notes
3 18-21" 1D6+2 ~
Cost 4CP Available to: Marksman, Commando
Big guns are battle rifles, heavy blasters and other, larger, harder hitting, longer range cousins of the standard guns that soldiers use. How they are used between armies may vary

but big guns are intended to be used at the back of a battle line, and are not suited for short range shooting

Models Shown left to right Imperiya HR37 , Stroiteliga SBR, Legion Hammer Rifle, Collective CBR, Echelon Lightning, Vorhut Fire Rifle, Various Commercial & Homemade weapons

Light Automatic
Use Range Damage Notes
3 +1A* 8-12" 1D6+1* *-1 Auto Penalty per Firing Arc or Burst
  • +1 Bonus only if target is 6" or closer
Cost 4CP Available to: Assaulter, Skirmisher, Commando
Light Automatics are assault weapons, Automatic rifles, SMGs, Storm guns, etc, Whether big or small, they essentially small guns with automatic capability meant for rushing opponents at close range

Due to the niche they fill, not all armies make use of them.

Models Shown left to right Imperiya HR37-A , Stroiteliga STN, Coalition Marine Carbine, Vorhut Storm, Various Commercial & Homemade weapons

Heavy Automatic
Use Range Damage Notes
3 +1A* 14-16" 1D6+1 *-1 Auto Penalty per Firing Arc or Burst
Cost 4CP Available to: Gunner, Commando
Heavy Automatics are troop portable machineguns designed to put the firepower of multiple guns in the hands of a single user.

Models Shown Imperiya SPW , Stroiteliga RPK, Legion Autocannon, Vorhut Fire Repeater, Collective CMG, Echelon Eliminator, Coalition Smartgun, Commercial "Hog MG"

Elite Weapon
Use Range Damage Notes
Same as Normal Max of normal +1 of normal ~
Cost 5CP Available to: Elite Trait units, Commandos
Elite weapons are special variants of Small or Big Guns, and sometimes Heavy Automatics. Reserved for Units with the Elite trait. They

are essentially copies of their standard cousins with increased damage and maxed out range. Elite weapons will always use the max range of their normal counterpart, and get a +1 to whatever their damage would normally be. Only some factions utilize these weapons

Models Shown left to right Imperiya XCR, Imperiya Shuka, Imperiya XSPW, Stroiteliga STYR, Legion Hell Hammer, Vorhut Fire Commando, Echelon Thunder

Rules Modifications


Phase Alternative word for Turn, used to indicate which “round” of turns it is, opposed to each player taking a “turn” Defensive Action Alternative word for Overwatch, to avoid annoying word filters on forum.

Firefight / Battle An incident where through Defensive Actions, Units attacked each other during the span of a single player’s turn. Usually in the context of units shooting back at them. Pips Colored pieces used to indicate a special status of a unit, like wounded or disrupted

Defensive Actions & Interrupts

“Going into Overwatch” is a phrase used by the community and is clearly a reference to the XCOM series. In XCOM a unit in overwatch uses it’s action for the turn, to keep an eye on an area and automatically fire at anything that moves through it’s line of sight. A similar gimmick is applied in BW. I use the term “Defensive” simply because the forum often wordfilters the word Overwatch, because of a member that used to use it as their name. And it’s annoying Defensive actions are invoked, not activated. Meaning At the start of a Phase. All units on the field will have 1 action. *Unless they lost an action due to disruption in the previous turn A unit can go into defensive mode even if it’s during an opponent’s turn. Defensive mode can only be triggered by a unit trying to attack another, or moving in it’s direct field of view Any time a player decides to interrupt another player’s turn with a defensive action. There will be a die-roll to determine initiative Whoever wins, gets to act first. Crits do not apply to this roll. It's a simple coin flip roll If a unit goes defensive, but does not use it’s defensive action before it’s that player’s turn, the action is refunded If a defensive unit does use its defensive action before it’s turn. Provided it’s still alive by the time it’s the player’s turn. It can still move, but it can perform no actions or attacks. My modified version of Overwatch is implemented to give a sense of intensity to fights. And also to prevent teams from taking turns wiping out the other person's stuff in slow pace. To give it a somewhat authentic battle feeling

Players can specify which units go defensive. But I may also put some units into defensive if they are threatened, and the player didn’t give any specific orders for that unit

Critfails & Danger Dice

Anytime a unit rolls a 1 on a die for a skill roll, it’s a critical failure. In judging exactly what will happen, a D4 is rolled The D4 Is called a “Danger Die” and generally, depending on the situation, each roll will result in as follows 4 is a get out of jail free card. No negative action happens, other than that the unit wasted its turn on a critfail 3 is a clumbsy accident that Results in a disruption on the nearest friendly unit. Causing it to forfeit its action for the turn, or if it was already used, next turn’s 2 is an act of incompetence that results in the disruption of the unit that critfailed. They miss their next turn. 1 is an act of supreme stupidity, resulting in a FREE and immediate attack from the nearest enemy. *Explosives are not allowed*. The attack must still roll a skill die, but is not susceptible to critfails itself. If there is no valid enemy, then the unit rolls against itself just like it was a normal attack against a foe. The unit can die from this mess up!

Crit Rolls & Gamble Dice

Anytime a unit rolls the highest possible face on a die for a skill roll, it’s a critical success. A critical success by default will add a +1 to the upcoming damage roll. But a player may elect to “gamble” for some alternative, enticing outcomes. A special Golden D6 is rolled to determine what happens in a crit roll gamble. 6 allows the player to pick whichever outcome they want 5 DOUBLES the damage roll. This is treated as a headshot with ranged weapons* 4 Allows the attacker to roll a second attack against another target. Crits can stack 3 Allows the attacker to move, or perform a non hostile action after their attack 2 Allows the attacker an extra point to their damage roll, as if nothing happened 1 Results in forfeiting the crit. And the attack roll will be given no positive modifier or special ability.

Cover & Range

A Minifig is divided into 3 parts. Head, Torso and Legs. Generally ranged attacks require a skill roll of 3 or higher to successfully hit a target. That is fully visible, meaning all three parts are unobscured and wholly out of cover. The following exceptions apply For every body part that is obscured, the skill roll requirement goes up by 1. To a maximum of 5 Cover can be penetrated by a high damage roll, but its better to try to pick off units rather than smash through cover unless the weapon is strong enough. Cover is measured as 1D6 per stud, Small arms have trouble breaking cover but combined actions or explosives can make short work of it Ranged weapons can target units outside of their optimal range up to 20% of the original "Optimal range" but the skill roll will require 1 higher than usual. The figure is rounded down, so if 20% added onto 14 is 16.8, it is rounded down to 16 inches Range is something that is not always checked, 99% of the time It’s eyeballed.

Pips & Status effects

Because it’s difficult to keep track of special effects on units especially as the bodies start piling up. Special colored pieces will be put next to, on top of or under units to signify a status Any minifig that gets wounded will have a few solid red studs placed around it. It And if he is not tended to by a medic by the end of the next turn, he dies. Wounded units are disrupted and out of action until rescued, bled out or killed off Any unit that disrupted will have a small yellow piece placed near it

Air Battles

Air support may be a thing, but until a robust system is designed. Any air strikes, air superiority, dogfighting, etc will be determined by random dice rolls, air combat may not always be depicted because of the extreme heights needed for the units on the table

Melee Duels Because I have no idea how to balance or even play mass melee vs melee, I made a dumb minigame Anytime two heroes of opposing factions are on the field, they are magnetically drawn to each other and implored to kill the other. If they want to finish someone off once and for all, they’ll have to do it in a Melee Duel. Heroes have Armor ratings of 5. And a hitpoint system with a default of 3HP. Meaning they have 3 “lives”. However in a Melee fight with another Hero, their Armor rating is reduced to 4. Taking 4 damage always counts as a wound, but heroes only lose ½ a HP for wounds. Heroes cannot be disrupted by other heroes in duels. Actions are treated just like normal attacks. A skill roll is thrown. And a subsequent damage roll is thrown. If the skill roll fails, the attack is parried. If it critfails, The enemy gets a free counter attack in additon to their regular attack if they havent used it already. Interrupting a duel is considered cheating and dishonorable by minifig standards. And the enemy will recieve +1 to all skill and damage rolls to ALL units for the next turn. Withdrawing or retreating is also considered dishonorable and yeilds a -1 skill roll malus to ALL the coward’s units for the next turn If a duel ends in a kill. Typically because of story reasons, the kill wont be fully depicted until after the battle. If a hero is killed in a duel, all of the participants are given Plot armor, and cannot further participate in the battle. Often times the killing of a hero may signify the end of a game anyway