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This is a stat sheet of a variant of brikwars units and weapons used in campaigns and battles from the Monolith Battleplates by Kastrenzo

Class Defining Equipment Base Armor Base Skill Base Move Abilities BW2019 Equivalent Unit Trait Improvement Tradeoff Cost Available to
Infantry Classes Heavy + 1 Armor -2" Move +1CP Rifleman, Demo, Gunner, Warrior, Marksman, Pointman, Officer
Warrior Melee 3 D6 6" Minifig Light + 4" Move -1 Armor +1CP Rifleman, Warrior, Marksman, Skirmisher
Skirmisher Melee, Subgun or Blastgun 3 D6 7" Harrassment Skirmisher Veteran D8 Skill ~ +2CP All
Rifleman Assault Rifle 3 D6 6" Minifig Elite D10 Skill ~ +4CP All
Pointman Blastgun or Subgun 3 D6 6" Minifig Combat Trained Carry Assault Rifle 1CP More ~ Support Units
Demolition Explosives, Optional Assault Rifle 3 D6 5" Compensating Heavy Militia 2CP Less D4 Skill ~ Infantry, Support Units
Gunner Machinegun or Energy Weapon 3 D6 5" Compensating Heavy Weapon Use Range Damage
Marksman Marksman Rifle 3 D6 5" Aiming Marksman Assault Rifle 4 12" 1D6+1 Rifleman, Scout, Demolition, Officer,Scout,Commando
Shield Shields & Sidearm or Subgun 4 D6 5" Shieldwall Phalanx Marksman Rifle 4 16" 1D6+1 Marksman, Commando
Sniper Sniper Rifle 3 D8 6" Sniping Sniper Machinegun 4 +1A 10" 1D6+1 Gunner, Commando
Scout Optics, Subgun or Assault Rifle 3 D8 7" Pathfinding & Tracking Scout Blastgun 4 6" 1D6+2 Pointman, Skirmisher, Officer, Commando
Support Classes Subgun 3+1A 8" 1D6 Pointman, Skirmisher, Phalanx, Scout, Commando
Crew Crew Kit, Sidearm 3 D6 6" Pilot & Gunner Sniper Rifle 4, or 5 for up to 22" 16" 1D6+2 Sniper, Commando
Medik Medkit, Sidearm 3 D8 6" Ker-Triage! Medik Sidearm 3 6" 1D6 Leaders, Support Units
Mechanik Repair Tools, Sidearm 3 D8 6" Mechankial Aptitude Mechanik Energy Weapon 5 16 1D6+4
Engineer Building Tools, Sidearm 3 D8 6" Rationalism Explosive Launcher 4 12" 1D10 Demolition
Teknichian Tools, Lunch 3 D6 6" Assistance Tek Thrown Explosive 4 8" 1D10 Demolition
Special Classes Weapon Modifier Improvement Tradeoff Cost Available to
Commando Various 4 D8 7" Heavy Add 1 Damage +1 to use roll +2CP All but Sidearms & Explosives
Psionik Brain Power 4 D8 6" Light Subtract 1 from use roll +1 damage +2CP Assault Rifle, Machinegun, Blastgun, Melee
Leader Classes Scoped Add 4" to Range +1 to use roll +1CP Assault Rifle, Marksman Rifle, Energy, Machinegun,
Officer Various 4 D8 6" Automatic Automatic Fire (1 Use per target) -2" Range +2CP Assault Rifle, Blastgun, Explosive Launcher (4CP), Energy Weapon (4CP), Sidearm
Commander Various 5 D10 6" High Explosive Add 1D10 Explosives
High Capacity 1 extra shot or 1 free additional auto target 4" from move +3 CP Any Automatic Weapon