Black Legion

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Black Legion
Legion of the Damned
Tek Level 7
Monolith Battleplates, Others
Notable People

The Black Legion is a faction of the Damned operating in the Monolith Battleplates.Known for raiding innocent settlements and engaging in acts of Terrorism by destroying L-Gates and utilizing Banned weaponry to torture and murder minifigs on the plates, They are widely despised and hated by all other Factions, Clans and Armies.


The Black Legion has been a cancer to the Monolith Realm as long as most can remember. but it's not exactly clear how a Legion of the Damned came to the plates in the first place. What isn't known to most minifigs is that the Black Legion is actually the first of the Damned legions, So it's quite difficult to determine an origin point for them if they're the first of their kind, and they've known to always have been around.

The Legion was the main opponent of the Old Alliance. While much smaller in number, through subterfuge, sabotage and a few incidents of straight up attacking them. They caused the Old Alliance to buckle and fracture. Essentially they paved the way for The Imperiya and Bratva to come into existence when the Old Alliance broke apart

Ethos & Objectives

The Black Legion operates with little to no objective, they exist simply to destroy. They take a particular interest in disrupting the activities of the Powerful factions. Blowing up their stuff and killing their doods.

The Black Legion could be described as a cult, generally they kill maim and destroy in the name of their deity, Chernobog "Literally: Black God", but they are known to occasionally recruit minifigs to their Legion as well. Typically by going after social outcasts and edgelord pariahs in communities, or by simply kidnapping capable minifigs and brainwashing or cursing them with magik into joining their forces.


The Black Legion is led by the evil warlord Charon, assisted by a collection of lesser lords and cronies. Aside from the Warlord very little structure exists within the Legion. There are very few officers or anyone who could be considered leaders. Generally The most powerful Warriors or Mages will assume tactical leadership positions, but in the grand scheme of things The Black Legion is seemingly an unorganized rabble of psychopaths and fiends. Afterall it doesn't take much coordination to set a bunch of freaks loose on a path of wanton destruction