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Mad Scientist

Unknown Faction

The von Bragstein family is known for its impractical battle inventions.

From the Old Wiki:

Sir Braggalot is an essential military leader in the Neo-Prussian Empire. In the early days of the Empire he was little more than a legend, but the start of the Immortal War saw him take on a more active role in the Neo-Prussian Empire as prime designer and gatherer of intelligence as well as deviser of cunning plots and ploys. During Operation Mastercutor, he even fought openly, commanding a Mastercutor-class Prussian battle cruiser. Despite this he has remained a mysterious individual that rarely appears in the open and spends most of his time working on all kinds of devices, machines of war and cyborg technology. He is characterized by his flamboyant, colorful attire and horrible accent ('vat acznt?').



Bragallots and Warhead splinters seem almost naturally drawn to each other to fight and there have been a lot of cases of them squaring off in various spaces of the Brikverse. On top of that there have been indications that Sir Bragallot is also purposely guiding this conflict. Therefore Sir Bragallot is sometimes seen as Warhead's ultimate nemesis. With the Neo-Prussian Empire also becoming a more and more prominent enemy of the Immortal Empire and Sir Bragallot seemingly very interested in the genetics of the Immortals, it seems inevitable this impression will only be enforced.


Sir Bragallot has a lot of look-alikes strewn across the Brikverse. Some are clones produced by him serving under his surveillance, others are arguably family while yet others are of unknown origin. Though their personalities can differ, the taste for colourful clothes, fancy hats, technological adeptness, sense for destruction and ambition are usually a given constant and a Bragallot that is meek of heart has yet to be encountered.


Brag von Bragallot with a big hunting rifle. Little is known of him other than that he is a hunter, and not the kind that hunts deer. (by Warhead)


Karl Von Bragstein confronting Arthel Wolfsbane prior to the Battle up North. Karl Von Bragstein was a Bragallot of natural origin who fought against the undead for the Empire of Medivo until he was Anorak'ed to death. (by Zahru II)


Ezra Von Bragstein riding a Greater Demon into battle. Ezra Von Bragstein is the continuation of Karl after his 'death'. He has been merged with the remains of Ezra the Corrupted and become a servant of evil. (by Zahru II)


Karl Von Bragstein 'II' shooting an Orc from his war machine, after taking out almost half their contingent single-handedly at the Clash of the Tides. Karl Von B 'II' is, much the same as his namesake, a hero who fights the undead on Fantoria. (by FISH!!!)


Witch Finder General and all round good guy Brag von Helssing. The travelling Slayer.' There are more like him, like this here Brag Von Hellsing, who is more the warrior-type variant as you can see. It seems that wherever there is a Warhead splinter commanding the forces of Evuuul there is a Bragallot to oppose him. (by Warhead


Mysterious Bragallot plotting together with a Warhead splinter and a Ross_Varn. Not all follow the same path. This mysterious Brag has been seen actually working together with a Warhead shard, with unknown intent... (by Ross_Varn)


Krimson Von Brag guarding a Krimson Caravan. This Von Brag was likely some kind of mercenary who fought to protect a Krimson Caravan, famed for surviving the Firefly Run and his Stylishly Steel-Lined Top Hat. (by Elmagnifico)

Undoubtedly, there's more...