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The Cthulu-luminati infiltrate all significant institutions in the BrikVerse through their fraternal front organization, the BrikMasons, seeking the forbidden teknology and occult knowledge that will one day allow the minifigs to rise up and disassemble Humans in a terrifying Octopocalypse.

Although a seemingly innocuous fraternal organization at the lower levels, the upper BrikMason echelons practice occult rituals based on belief in a supernatural Human known as the Great Builder. The Great Builder is who hath created all the planets, and all the MOCs within them. Mid-level BrikMasons are His followers, who attempt to follow in His footsteps. Being pacifists, worshipers of the Great Builder have many resources to spend on erecting magnificent cities and MOCs wherever they are found.

Upper-Level BrickMasons are actually members of the Cthu-Luminati, and they seek to discover the nature of an Even Greater Builder who constructed Humans, so they might learn his secrets and disassemble the Great Builder. To do this, they spend a great deal of time and resources organizing conspiracies to destroy all the varied and glorious creations of mid-level BrikMasons in the most spectacular fashion, to maintain their control of society and to learn the secrets that can be gained from fantastic acts of gratuitous destruction.


In the beginning of known history, several Ancient Philosophers banded together to form the first secret society which was based on Mathematiks and Geometry. They had noticed that each brick in the universe fit together with exactly the same dimensions, and that every piece in creation seemed to fit together with extreme mathematikal precision. This was proof, they thought, that some higher power must be at work in the creation of the BrikVerse; they called this power "The Great Creator".

In studying the mathematiks behind the great creator's will, many new discoveries were made. From the study of the geometry of the Bricks, the Pythagosaurean cult discovered Triangonometry, giving birth to Trianglism. From the study of three-dimensional geometry, the Playdohnik Cult discovered the playdohnik solids; perfect geometrical creations with each side being the same shape (The very same shapes found in Dice!). This discovery founded the cult of Dodecube, and Dice Worship.

Many brilliant discoveries were made by these ancients, until one day, the Great Nega-Blokian Heresy came into being from unknown dimensional portals. This religion worshiped a false Great Builder, a Nega-Archon who did not concern herself with precise mathematikal constructions. In fact, so unconcerned with these mathematiks were her followers that they feared them, and destroyed many of the temples of the Ancient Philosophers, and killed anyone who spoke of the old ways, forcing those few ancients who remained into hiding, and inadvertently creating a Dark Age throughout the BrikVerse.

In Rekonstruction B.R. 1776 in the Germanic System of Bavaria, the Cthulu-Illuminati was founded by Adam Weisshaus, a professor at a local college. This secret society was based on teaching people the findings of the ancients. However, since the Great Nega-Blokian Heresy was still at large, they could not worship the Great Builder in public for fear of being tortured or burned at the stake. So, they developed a gradiated, initiatory secret society, which ensured that only people who could be trusted absolutely and who had been proven to be free of the taint of Nega-Blokian idealism would be taught the mathematikal secrets of the universe.

This Cthulu-Illuminati went on to found the BrikMasons, which acted as a Fraternal arm of the Cthulu-Illuminati itself, and allowed them to recruit in far greater numbers, while only giving away a small portion of their secret knowledge.

Later, the Cthulu-Illuminati sought to further increase their numbers by writing several coded novels: the Skully Grail Legends. These legends would be read as bedtime stories for minifig children everywhere, but only the truly wise would have the capacity to interpret the true meaning behind the stories.

Important Figures (Historical)

  • Pythagosaurus Philosoraptor
  • Sarcastres
  • Eristurtle
  • Playd'oh
  • Adam Weisshaus
  • Wilhelm von Girder
  • Wolfram von Illbebach

Important Figures (Present)

  • Vesuvius
  • Prometheus



Independent BrikThulhu-affiliated minifig cults operate under a variety of symbols. It's impossible to predict the behavior, tactics, or motivations of any one cultic group as compared to another.

The Oktopustika represents the ultimate antithesis of all that is good, natural, and true.

The BrikThulhu Pyramid is composed of 09 rows of 37 bricks, 0937 being a holy number to BrikThulhu's cult.

The image embossed on the 37-eyed Seal of BrikThulhu is of the Brain Separator, the iconic tool of BrikThulhu cultists.

The Necronobrikon is the legendary tome of BrikThulhu, and sacred to his cultists.