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BrikwaRPGs take players into the twisted setting of BrikWars, where they'll cope with the challenges of near constant strife, logik-defying spatial distortions, an intensely broken timestream, multiple dimensions and parallel universes, gods and heroes, MythiTeknology, and slavering hordes of construction toys and other such toybox horrors. BrikwaRPGs are unofficial, fan-made supplements which present alternate rulesets that allow players to take on the roles of singular characters within this diverse setting, rather than play as whole armies and factions.

BrikwaRPG AGT Rulesets

IVHorseman's Proto Version: [1]

IVHorseman proposes a unit called "The Adventurer" for regular BrikWars battles. This unit type levels up as it scores kills and grows stronger as the game wears on. The rules presented here are not intended as a BrikwaRPG ruleset on their own but were inspired by BrikwaRPG concepts and, in turn, inspired further BrikwaRPG ruleset ideas.

Silverdream's Version: [2]

This incomplete ruleset embraces an archetypal style to character generation. Players choose Good and Bad Traits, a Race, and broad personality types as the basis for their characters. Character advancement was never determined in any significant manner.

Colette's Version: [3]

An expanded upon combination of other rulesets, this version uses a "Limit" mechanic, which constrains variable character builds to a predetermined construction point maximum. Character growth occurs when the character scores kills or destroys things.

Zupponn's Version: [4]

Perhaps the most commonly used version among BrikWarriors, this ruleset uses a simple "Skill Point" system that allows players to grow characters by allocating points among a handful of categories with predetermined advancement schemes. These categories are notable for their accessible simplicity, combining inherent traits with external equipment. Character advancement in this game occurs primarily via the Rule of Cool and by accomplishing predetermined actions.




Bricksyd's Version: [5]

One of the most comprehensive versions available, characters in this system are given "experience points" for any number of significant actions (primarily combat actions) which determine progress toward higher levels of power. Characters advance by allocating points received at each new level toward a series of categories with predetermined advancement schemes representing the character's inherent abilities. One of the most notable aspects of this system is that it uses construction toy parts in an intuitive method for keeping track of character growth and possessions.

My BrikwaRPG Playtest (Gametime)

Quantumsurfer's Version: [6]

Another of the most comprehensive versions available, this gibberingly verbose volume takes a heavy storytelling approach wherein the primary mechanic for character advancement occurs through the character's participation in a particular quantity of Narrative Scenes, as well as the quality of those interactions. Primarily, characters advance both core statistics and their Abilities (a versatile set of example Abilities comprises almost half of the version's presentation) by using them directly in play and over time. The system provides for both Player and Storyteller rules and guidelines and attempts to be constructively thematic when "building" both characters and narratives. Several rules are put into place with the distinct intention to make the system more fully representative of a tabletop rpg rather than a tabletop wargame with rpg elements. Finally, there is some small attempt to present the community driven BrikWars Legitimitium MultiVerse as the core "setting" of the game. Further revisions were originally considered, primarily to reduce girth, but Quantumsurfer, Bricksyd, and DevinCP considered it a better use of time and energy to begin working on the Collaboration Edition.

BrikWaRPG, Collaboration Edition: [7]

Written in collaboration by forum users Quantumsurfer, BrickSyd, and DevinCP in beginning in 2015, CE combines Quantumsurfer's and BrickSyd's Versions together and mixes in a few nifty new ideas. Characters are sustainable, versatile, and now able to work toward performing Heroic Feats more often with development. Characters advance storylines and gain experience for noteworthy actions, gaining levels and the ability to progress their basic stats (of which there are now more), skillsets, and develop their inventories (for which there is a new, simple system). The primary setting remains the community and official canon driven Legitimitium MultiVerse.

Alternate Game Types