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{{Faction|name=Brikwave Collective|image=|structure=Interplanetary Spiritual Commune|influence=Extradimensional nomads|player=Silas|characters=[[The Plastic Lover]]}}
{{Faction|name=Brikwave Collective|image:Brikwave_flag.jpg|structure=Interplanetary Spiritual Commune|influence=Extradimensional nomads|player=Silas|characters=[[The Plastic Lover]]}}
== Origin ==
== Origin ==

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Brikwave Collective
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Interplanetary Spiritual Commune
Extradimensional nomads
None listed
None listed
Notable People
The Plastic Lover


After the chaos and destruction of Ragnablok, lingering cracks in space-time caused a mysterious dimensional rift to open in the new universe. Through the portal emerged the Brikwave Collective.

This civilization of people came from an alternate dimension where time flows differently; somehow they were simultaneously in the far future and still in BR 1,989. Of course, this means advanced technology with 80's retro flair.

A small portion of their sprawling empire was ripped through the dimensional rift and spit out into this new universe; lacking a homeworld and military infrastructure, they look to capture a new world for themselves and rebuild the empire.


Most foot soldiers are women. Main colors are white, purple and pastel colors.