Conglomerate of Salt Miners

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Conglomerate of Salt Miners
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Paramilitary Organization
TL 5
None listed
Notable People
Outback Jeff

Captain Subordinate

The Conglomerate of Salt Miners is a paramilitary organization consisting of essentially ticked-off salt miners. From these humble beginnings, the Conglomerate moved onwards to the shores, fighting Arghbeard's Arrmada and eventually claiming large areas of the sea so they may mine ocean-salt. And all was happy.

...Until the zambehs attacked.

The Conglomerate of Salt Miners quickly became the last hope for many, many unzombified people. They manufactured many more weapons and anti-zambeh ordance. And here, it their current progress.

The Conglomerate Forces.

The leaders. On the left is Outback Jeff, the psychotic founder of the Conglomerate. On the right is Captain Subordinate, a crazy survivalist who has prepared for any and every disaster. He led a four man band deep into zambeh-infested areas and survived. Outback Jeff soon discovered him and now leads the way in anti-zambeh combat.

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