Cordova Coalition

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Cordova Naval Coalition
Fleet Based Paramilitary
Tek Level 7
Active in the Mu and Eta regions, Based in Port Cordova, Mu Cluster
Black Legion, Reavers, Armata
Notable People
Leader:Admiral Ludd

The Cordova Coalition is a signifigantly sized faction from the Monolith Battleplates, specializing in a doctrine heavily involving the use of small spaceships that it's rivals think too small to be of use

Cordova Coalition Color Code
Primary Secondary Tertiary Transparent (Vehicle) Transparent (Weapon) Faction Identifier
White Green Dark Gray Light Blue N/A Dark Green
Cordova Coalition Color Code (Marines)
Primary Secondary Tertiary Transparent (Armor) Transparent (Weapon) Faction Identifier
Olive Green Dark Tan Red Yellow N/A Dark Green


The Cordova Coalition was founded by a number of veterans from the defunct First Alliance, reemerging sometime after the Imperiya, Bratva and others had arisen.

Retired Veterans had started a Ship building operation in the northern Mu region, centered around the shipyards at Port Cordova. And after the northern regions began to suffer raid attacks from Reavers and other pirates, a new group was started. Aimed at using their ships as a centerpeice of their doctrine. Several Northern settlements then formed the Cordova Coalition

Ethos & Objectives

The Coalition generally believes in free society and is against tyrants, but they are themselves very militaristic and traditionalist with a society that revolves around a Naval heritage. They care little for merchants, markets and trade. The citizens of their lands are generally left to live their own lives, while Coalition protects the Ports and surrounding areas.

The Cordova Coalition's first and foremost objective is simply to protect it's own. The Mu region falls under it's juristiction, and they have attempted to expand into the Eta region, crawling with Sky Pirates and other fiends. Who represent everything the Coalition stands against


Character Picture Rank Notes Status
Ludd Ludd.jpg Admiral of the Fleet An Ex-officer of the Old Alliance and The original founder of the Cordova Coalition, First seen in the First Chapter at Anwar, but not introduced until the Isere chapter. He temporarily aligned with the Stroiteliga Bratva and Armata Alliance against the Black Legion, but after a leadership crisis in which the Bratva breifly broke up into various warlord factions, Ludd allied with Kast's faction and went back to war with part of the Bratva, and the Armata Alliance As the Coalition retreated into a strategy of Isolationalism, and Ludd gaining a reputation for being untrustworthy. Alive