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Evolved minifigs and other creatures sometimes develop special abilities, features, or skills that change the rules for a particular minifig or other unit. These are called Specialties.

Cannon Fodder


For every other conscious creature with Cannon Fodder, in the same army, (up to the first five), the creature receives a cumulative -1 Fighting by Committee penalty to every die rolled, as well as a -1 CP discount to Cost (to a minimum of 3 CP). May Redshirt itself to prevent more important units within 1d6".

CC Weapons Master

(+2 CP)

Uses CC and thrown weapons only. +1d6 CC bonus to skill, damage, and armor when rolling for close combat. +1d6" range for thrown objects. May dual-wield Heavy weapons as if they were Hand Weapons.


(+1 CP)

As long as he doesn't move during his turn, the Heavy has the ability to fir or swing weapons an inch larger than minifigs are normally allowed.

Heavies normally have the ability to carry and fire size 2" Ranged Weapons of various types, but Compensating applies to hand weapons as well - the Heavy can swing Heavy Weapons as if they were hand weapons, Two Handed weapons as if they were Heavy Weapons, and 3" Melee Weapons as if they were two handed weapons.

The Heavy may not Bail, use Angry Inches, or use anyother form of movement while compensating.

Contagious Bite


(+1 CP)

Units with the Gunnery Specialty specialize in mounted weapons. A Gunner's skill is increased to 1D8 for the operation of any mounted weapon or device.

A Gunner may use his action to provide Gunnery Support to a minifig firing a mounted weapon, adding +1 to that minifig's Attack Roll. Multiple Gunners can work together and combine their bonuses, but there can never be more minifigs working together on a single weapon than the number of inches in it's Weapon Size.

If a stationary weapon is firing at astationary target over multiple turns, a gunner may use Gunnery Support to Home In on the target, adding an additional +1 every turn. This bonus ends when either the target or the weapon moves, or if the weapon fires at a different target.

Heroic Ego

(+3 CP)

The Hero refuses to be limited by logic or natural laws, taking one Heroic Feat per turn according to his or her Cliche.

A Hero becomes Cranky if forced to share the field with other heroic units. For every other conscious Heroic unit in his army, the Hero recieves -1 penalties to every die rolled (max -5 per die), and a -1CP discount to Cost at the beginning of the game (up to 50% off).

When taking damage, a Hero may inspire one nearby friendly unit (within 1D6') to Redshirt, leaping in the way and taking the damage on the Hero's behalf.


Please see Horse for details about the various forms of Horses in BrikWars.


(+2 CP)

Battlefield conditions leave no room for fancy-pants medicine like "sanitary disinfectant" or "Hippocratic Oaths." Instead, the brave field Medik relies on a single proven technique: Amputation, often of the multiple-limb or cranial variety.

If a fallen minifig or other Creature has at least one head attached, a Medik can use it's action to attempt to revive itby rolling on the Ker-Triage! Table. The Medik rolls a d8 if it has a suitable tool, or a d6 if it has any other cutting implement. Additional Medix can use their actions to assist, each increasing the die size once, to a maximum size of d12.

  • instert table here


(+1 CP)

Under the direction of a trained Officer, Forming Up with a Squad doesn't use up any unit's Action for the turn.

Officer's Squads idnore the usual Action costs for forming, combining, splitting, or reorginizing. Actionless units may freely Form Up with the squad, and units with an Action to spend may put it to immediate use in support of the Squad's Action.

Mechanikal Aptitude

(+2 CP)

Rather than take an action on his own turn, a tool-wielding Mechanik has the ability to go on break andinitiate a Construction Action during his enemies' turns instead. All elements within arms' reach and all minifig portable elements within 1d6" are available for one of the following projects until the begining of his next turn:

Field Construction allows a Mechanik to build new Structures,either standalone or onto existing structures. New Field Constructions have Structure Level 0, Armor 1d6.

Patch Repairs built onto a structure can repair a point of size damage and/or increase the Structure Level by 1 (up to SL3), as long as the Patch Size is at least equal to the new Effective Size and Structure Level that would result.

Disassembly Finally, a Mechanik with uninterupted access to a structure's elements can automatically Disassemble them, detaching a number of elements equal to 1d6 minus their structure level.


(+1 CP)

On a vehicle or steed, where untrained minifigs must focus on either steering or firing weapons, the pilot has the ability to do both simultaneously. A pilot ignores the usual Action cost for steering a vehicle or steed, leaving him free to use his action for more destructive purposes.



(+1 CP)

A Scout's keenly refined paranoia gives him a sixth sense for danger, and a knack for "coincidentally" being in the right place to spot hidden threats. Hidden traps, secret doors, and Stealthy units are consideredvisible to everyone while they're in the scout's feild of vision.

A Scout can use his Action to Target a single unit or object within 8". As long as the object is in the Scout's feild of vision, all his allies get a +1 Targeting skill Bonus to ranged attacks on the object.

Shock Troop

(+1 CP)

+2 CC Bonus to skill, Damage, and Armor when rolling for close combat or a charge. -2 to skill when rolling for ranged combat.

Spider Gymnastix

(+2 CP)

No movement penalty for climbing. Wall Walking as long as the turn is ended on an appropriate platform. Leaping up to full movement distance, No damage from falls.


(+2 CP)

Camouflage training gives a Scout +1/3 cover when he moves at half speed, or +2/3 cover if he holds still. These bonuses add to his existing cover, and can make him effectively invisible. The bonuses are negated if he calls attention to himself or is spotted by enemies with the Scouting ability.




(+1 CP)

By slowing to half speed, a Scout automatically finds safe paths through hazards like minefields, quicksand bogs, or booby traps. Other units may safely follow directly behind the scout in a single file line.