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Supreme Warrior of the Darkness

Nyctomancer/Phoenician Alliance

Formerly: DRK

Darkstorm is the manifestation of the hive-mind collective known as the Darkness. After rapidly expanding his empire, Darkstorm's forces became reduced to only a limited number of ships. These forces, under the new name of the Nyctomancers and allied with the Phoenician Empire, are still powerful and continue to expand as more ships are overtaken by the Darkness.

Military Engagements

The first battle ever fought by Darkstorm was on his home planet, minutes after his creation.

  • Darkstorm vs. DSM forces
  • Decisive Victory

An unknown number of battles ensued with the DSMs, resulting in an eventual Darkstorm loss, leaving him to drift harmlessly in space.

The second verified engagement was upon the SSA Hyperion.

  • Darkstorm vs. Hyperion crew
  • Decisive victory

Later battles include:

Invasion of Shadow Prime (games 1,2)

  • DRK Victories

Numerous Space Battles with Praetoria

  • Indecisive Losses

Battle at (insert planet name later)

  • Initial Defeat, eventual DRK Victory

Known abilities

Darkstorm has been known to possess incredible powers, including:

  • Converting minifigures into DRKABS hosts
  • Forming weapons and other equipment from thin air
  • A form of teleportation
  • Stealing minds from other minifigs, even through the use of ranged weaponry