Emerian Empire and United Commonwealths

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Fascist Duchy of Emerian
Emerian Flag (Official).png
Fascist Empire
TL 6.5
Controls Galaxia Vipiriath

Huge Military and Industry

Vixen Inc.

Third Alliance

Assyrian Star Empire

Space Mafia (overlords)

The Police State of Venice (overlord of overlord)

Empryan Colonies


45th Union

Immortal Empire


Kingdom of Denmark

Immortal Empire

Nega abominations

Peach Mutants


Notable People
List of Emerian Characters


The Emerian Empire and United Commonwealths is a large empire situated in the Galaxia Vipiriath. Emeria began with a DSM expedition lost tens of thousands of years ago in the Vipiriath Spiral that developed into a powerful force. Emeria's population, industry - and military - has grown considerably in recent times.

Emerian History

Reader's Note: Because of the length of the history I have created for the Emerian Empire, I (Vami_IV) have spoiler'd each chapter of Emerian history for the sake of convenience.

[Show/hide] Foundation of the Empire

Emeria has a long history. Many eons ago, in ages mostly forgotten, a really hardcore expedition of DSM colonists arrived in the Vipiriath Spiral looking to colonize a new, hardcore front that, unlike Galaxia Nehellenium, wasn't settling. In short, they wanted more danger, isolation, and to be completely badass in entirely unexplored space. The expedition first landed on modern-day Emeridad (capitol of the empire), and built their capital there. In nearly no time whatsoever, the Deadly Spacemen spread across the totality of Galaxia Vipiriath. But this age could not last.

As their borders across this new, wild expanse of unclaimed space, the colonists of the Vipiriath discovered fortresses in the countless asteroid belts around the galaxy built in forgotten eons. As one party explored one such fort, they accidentally activated the fortress, which in turn activated all the other fortresses. As this chain reaction finished, an impenetrable field of GT (Green Transplant) spread along the fringes of the galaxy, trapping the galaxy's inhabitants within. Distressed, the capitol tried to send communiques to the Deadly Spaceman - in vain. When communications ceased entirely with the colonists in the Vipiriath, the Deadly Spaceman himself led a fleet to investigate. His grand fleet arrived and tried to enter, but was obliterated by the field's energies. It was there that The Deadly Spaceman saw the chaos that had overtaken the galaxy before him: the colonists, in panic, destroyed each other in brutal conflicts as the trapped colonizers searched up and down for someone to blame for their peril.

It is said that as he watched the madness unfold, fleeing from his now-ruined grand dreadnought, wept for his trapped comrades, damning the force that created the field. Within the fields, total madness erupted, and the galaxy-wide empire collapsed entirely. When all was said and done, all civilization in the galaxy was in ruins, with the survivors gathered into new factions. Perhaps the most notable - and troubled - among these was the young Kingdom of Castille. It's neighboring kingdoms, Antiva, Leon, Aragon, Navarra, Asturias, and Galicia constantly warred with one another, only uniting to utterly crush much larger and deadlier threats as they arose. But all this changed when a prodigy of his or her time emerged in the impoverished, backwater nation of Castille.

The name this character took was Voynich - Caesar Voynich, after some emperors he spoke of that existed in another time; a different existence. Voynich arrived in Castille, and quickly impressed all with his intelligence, guile, ambition, and mastery of magic. He rose to the top, and turned Castille into a major power. From here, he united the kingdoms, some with force, and others diplomatically, and formed the Emerian Empire. Under his iron-fisted reign of Emeria, teknology and the sciences advanced, and Metal was introduced. Immediately it gained a following, absorbing all of Emeria's populace, securing a place for Metal forever in Emeria. The Empire's first formal military officially began as hordes of screaming Metal Warriors. Using his mastery of magic and witchcraft, Voynich opened Wargates to the surrounding worlds of Evon and Vaktovia. Like true minifigs, the Imperial forces swarmed through every portal, overwhelming every force they encountered. Before long, each world was conquered by Voynich's soldiers, and civilization returned soon after to those worlds. Rinse and repeat this is pretty much for next few thousands of years.

Emeria's population grew immensely, due to immigration and births, prompting the need to conquer more lands. Emeria's teknology continued to advance, but the economy began to suffer under the weight of the immense population. Voynich solved this problem through a variety of ways. His first option was to develop an efficient system that would categorize every citizen of the empire into assignments based on their skills and gifts. Secondly, Voynich revolutionized the Cuthulic faith, bringing into existence the Dice Papacy to, and creating the position of "Divine" to rule over it. Thirdly, Voynich vastly increased the quality of Emeria's military training, equipment, vehicles, and ships. Following this, he liberated himself from directly controlling the military by creating a effective military command (The EHMC), and then turned his new military on the rest of Galaxia Vipiriath. Finally, Voynich utilized all these tools for the last option he exploited: genocide. Using the Dice Papacy, Voynich condemned Peaches and non-Minifigs as vermin, mutant scum to be exterminated, and used the military to herd them into ghettos. Then, he built tensions between Yellows and the now minorities, before ultimately unleashing the Yellow populace upon these minorities in an event now known as the First Exalted March. In just a week, all Non-Yellow minifigs were dead, fleeing, or being subjected to unspeakable atrocities. When the First Exalted March ended, the Emerian Empire had taken another major step toward it's modern status.

Years of teknological and scientific development led to the discovery of Slipspace travel, and with this mode of FTL (Faster Than Light) travel, the Emerians were able to colonize / conquer even faster than they already could with Light Speed Travel (LST). At this time, Emerian scientists also developed a method of opening warpgates. This allowed for first contact with the outside Brikverse, but in complete secret. Voynich, realizing that the empire was now too big for him to rule solely, gathered 4 of the most skilled in their areas, Military, Economy, Science, and Diplomacy, and crafted their consciousnesses into an internal AI system to preserve them (and give them pseudo-immortal properties). He called them VAMI, and began his trend of leaving the empire for various amounts of time, returning, and vanishing again.

These first VAMI established contact with the Brikverse for the first time with the Brikverse when an Emerian scouting fleet encountered a USSSR patrol fleet. The Emerian fleet commander met with the USSSR Fleet commander, and it was not long before the two factions learned in full about each other and declared war. An epic naval war ensued, with both backwater factions getting the worst of the fighting. Emeria was never able to launch any successful land based operations thanks to their outdated equipment, and the USSSR's far outdated ships could not stack up to the more modern and numerically superior Imperial Emerian Armada. Armistice was signed about three years after the fighting began, and the two factions silently despised each one another afterwards. Voynich ordered further exploration to be made, despite the losses suffered in the first war, resulting in Emerian colonists discovering a habitable world within Assyrian space.

[Show/hide] Atlantian War

Atlantia was the first location reached by Emerian exploratory fleets, and they set up a colony there and reestablished contact with the Emerian mainspace. The Assyrian government, upon finding the Emerians interloping on Atlantia, demanded the Emerians leave the leave the world. The Emerians were able to broker a deal, however, resulting in some of the wealthier, most important provinces on the world being given to the Assyrians, but the peace did not last.

Emerian and Assyrian armies and fleets repeatedly annihilated one another over the planet for five years after border conflicts erupted and resulted in the nuclear destruction of the capital of Assyrian Atlantia and every known major Assyrian military outpost at Atlantia (on and in the surface and in orbit). Assyrians forces were immediately deployed and war was declared, but the Assyrian military, despite its technological and naval superiority, could not win a decisive victory over the Emerians. This was due to the fact that the Assyrians were at this time struggling with the Czech Republik, and the war demanded all of Assyria's best generals and soldiers, as well as most of Assyria's resources. On the contrary, Emeria not only outnumbered the Assyrians considerably, the Emerian military's best generals and admirals were commanding the fighting from the front lines. Although this caused millions of Emerian casualties, Assyrian defeat was almost always assured.

Realizing the prospect of embarrassing defeat against to the Emerians, the Assyrians launched a major offensive to reclaim the world and drive the Emerians back into orbit. Massive Assyrian fleets arrived and demolished the Emerian fleet of Dragonheads, trapping the Emerian armies on the world. Then, at a bridge on the Draklon river, after months of being beaten back by the Assyrians, the entire Assyrian force in the area (about 3.5 million soldiers) attacked the Emerian force (5 million) encamped there, and destroyed them utterly in a 3 week battle that involved heavy artillery and naval bombardment, then a sea of Assyrian tanks, and finally infantry. The Emerian Blitzkrieg tactic had been reversed upon the Emerians, and before long, they surrendered when the Emerian government felt the danger of Assyrian invasion of the mainspace. The Treaty of Atlantia surrendered the entirety of Emeria to the Assyrian Empire. The terms of the treaty surrendered complete control of Emeria for 20 years. Emeria would be forever changed.

[Show/hide] Modern Emeria

The 20 years Emeria spent under Assyrian control saw old problems solved, but new problems took their place. The Assyrians brought their technology and modernized the entire Emerian military, fostered the hatred of Peaches further, and modern training of Emerian soldiers. However, occupation by a foreign power cause much strife. The wars with the CSR caused shortages in Assyrian manpower, so the Assyrians began drafting Emerians to fight in Assyria's armies and navy. Those who refused the draft were forced to draft by abduction of themselves or of their entire family. Assyrian missionaries attempted to spread Triangulism to Emeria and eventually convert the population, but the people were fiercely loyal to the Dice Papacy and Ctulthicism. These missionaries were ruthlessly hunted down by the Papacy's soldiers and brutally slain, causing outrage in Assyria proper and causing strict Assyrian retaliation. Thankfully, the war on Emerian Diceist Ctulthicism failed miserably, and the Dice Papacy continued to reign supreme while the Triangulists are hunted down and treated like the Peaches Emeria seeks to exterminate.

When the "Twenty Year Occupation" as it became known ended, Assyrian forces left Emeria, leaving behind resentment towards Assyrian influence. This resulted in Emeria becoming more nationalist, and thus a completely fascist state. Vixen Inc. was founded, and with governmental support, quickly swallowed all competition in Emeria, becoming the monopoly in all of Emeria's markets. With the entire market under government control, Emeria turned it's focus on the military. Under the Assyrians, each unit in the entire military had a unit of Assyrian soldiers to oversee it. Emeria decided to repeal this tradition, but did begin attaching government agents to every company, regiment, battalion, army, legion, and so forth. Further adjustments to the structure of the military were made, with such things as new units being created. Some of the more notable examples were the Cyclopes heavy units, the Hospitaller hardsuit, and the modern Cleric gun.

With these new changes, Emeria launched a massive modernization effort. Research projects were launched by the government to develop weapons of war that could compete with the militaries of nations Emeria would encounter. So far, significant advances have been made in the Navy resulting in it becoming a much more powerful force than it once was (a few thousand Dragonheads)

Recent History

Emeria formed the alliance known as PEE (initials of the founding members) with the Phaleks and Emprya during the Denmark-Empryan War to create a powerful anti-peach alliance and establish powerful influence in the Western Arm. As the alliance grew, it was renamed EPEEN. The alliance lost it's fifteen minutes of fame when the Polish Confederation was revealed to the Brikverse, stealing their influence and creating a welcoming atmosphere for Peaches and democratic nations in the Western Arm. EPEEN was further buried with the formations of the Intermarium Coalition and the Germania-Moskau Axis, which the Army of JAM, Phaleks, and Emeria joining as member states. EPEEN has been using this invisibility to its advantage by building its military strength.

Emeria is under Venetian (Mafia) control as of the ISM takeover of Emeria.

Government and Politics

Although Emeria's needlessly long name may make it out to possess a very complex political system, it can be summed up in one word: Fascism.

Foreign Relations

Emeria's foreign policies are set up to maintain neutral relationships with the major powers of the Brikverse while it catches up. Emeria somewhat confuses greater nations, as it is one moment sitting in front of a greater power, talking or insulting them, and then the other moment not exist in their memory. Emeria profits from this by furthering censoring any activity that happens within the nation, building weapons with which to rise against the Major powers and claim it's spot in glory.

  • Third Alliance: Emeria, as it currently a Venetian vassal state, is a Third Member state. However, Emeria is neutral towards the Third Alliance having spent it's time in the Brikverse thus far fighting the forces of the Third Alliance. Emeria has seen some opportunity in the Third Alliance to rise, despite being a Latin state.
  • United Systems Alliance: Stop sending back our exiles (or what you call "immigrants"). Obviously, we don't want them.
  • Trattoria: Emeria is cold towards Trattoria, but still does not feel it is ready to fight the republic. Emeria resents Trattoria for poor treatment of Emeria during diplomatic talks, but still will not make a major move against them before Emeria adds some reputation to their name.
  • Germania-Moskau Axis: Emeria is a devoted member state, but strongly despises Communist states. Emeria is able to overcome this thanks to the majority of member states being brother Fascist states in arms against democracy.
  • USSSR: Emeria is outright hostile to the USSSR, having long been a devoted enemy of communism (so far in their sphere of influence)
  • Polish Confederation: Emeria is cold towards the Polish purely on their stance on Fascism and resentment at taking their influence in the Western Arms. Emeria seeks to rise to challenge them and take back the Western Arm for themselves and EPÉEN.
  • EPÉEN: Emeria is a / the founding member of EPÉEN and is a major backer of the alliance. Emeria, despite being less respected by the Brikverse because of it's lack of available military equipment, is very positive and welcoming towards the other members of the alliance. Emeria actively encourages other nations entering the alliance and will try to entice smaller nations into the alliance.

Life in Emeria

Life in Emeria is a crapshoot. The people have little to no freedoms, but everything they could possibly need and want (to an extent, of course) is provided by the Emerian government. The law is strictly enforced and upheld by the military, and wrongdoers are punished severely. Not much news escapes Emeria about life within the country, so most nations really don't care. To keep public discontent down through means other than military repression, the Emerian government liberally sprinkles leisure and "leisure" activities in it's territory for the people to enjoy.

Crime and Punishment

stop right there criminal scum

Means of Stability

Emerians are very fertile folk

Technology and the Sciences


Important Organizations


Military Threads

Battles and Canon




  • Emeria itself originates from a much older concept Vami had of a nation called the "Vamtopian Empire." They still share a few similarities, like the symbol now emblazoned on the Emerian flag.
  • The symbol used on the Emerian flag was first created in human blood, when Vami crushed a mosquito on the wall above his desk in his room in Alaska.
  • The idea to make Emeria based off the Spanish (particularly Castillian Spanish) empire first came to Vami in his Spanish class in his freshman year of high school.

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