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''The soldier pushed the button of a detonator that activates a small bomb installed inside the comm-device in the hand of Yumato blowing his hand and head off.
''The soldier pushed the button of a detonator that activates a small bomb installed inside the comm-device in the hand of Yumato blowing his hand and head off.

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Previously: Episode 9: Test Run

Some time after the test-start of the first intergalactic gate, Commander Eegon is staring at beautiful green lanscape from his room In the M-Throne Security Center on Kiironohoshi, the capitol planet of Yellow Sun Empire.

Old commander talks to himself quietly

Commander Eegon: What a beautiful planet is this. Maybe I can settle in on this planet after I retire. Maybe the Emperor reward me with some land if a become succesful in my mission."


A soldier come into the room. Commander turns back.


Commander Eegon: Yes?

Soldier: Good morning sir. Adjutant Yoshi is here.

Commander Eegon: Good. Let him in.

The soldier left. Shortly after Adjutant Yoshi came in. They shake hands.


Adjutant Yoshi: Good morning sir.

Commander Eegon: Good morning. Is everything going as planned.

Adjutant Yoshi: Yes sir. Emperors treacherous son will be meeting us as planned.

Commander Eegon: Good. Let's take the Emperor with us so he can face his son at last.

Adjutant Yoshi: If everything goes as planned, the meeting will ve a suprising one.

Commander Eegon: It will be indeed.


Commander Eegon: We have no time to lose. Let's handle the situation as swift as possible.

Commander Eegon and Adjutant Yoshi left the building. Together with the Emperor Yamatomaro to went to the cavern where they meet the Emperors tracherous son Yumato.


Yumato was handcuffed and guarded by three M-throne soldier with guns pointing at him. He was medically examined by e M-Throne Army Doctor when they arrived.


Commander Eegon:What is his medical condition doctor?

Army Doctor: He is in perfect healh, commander.

Commander Eegon: Don't go back to the base yet. We may need some more service of you here.

Army Doctor: YEs, sir.

Emperor Yamatomaro got close to his son but now too close. He knows how skillful his son at close-combat is.


Emperor Yamatomaro: So here you are. I really wished that we won't be meet like this.

Yumato: Welcome father. As I said five years before, I wished I never see you face again. But the detinty brought us together once again.


Emperor Yamatomaro: The destinity has nothing to do with it. You are a traitor to me, your father and to your nation and as a consequence our allies has captured you.

Yumato: Tell me father. If I'm a traitor to my nation as you said, why couldn't you catch me by your own? Why our people protected me, hide me from you?

Emperor Yamatomaro: Did you and your terrorist friends really thought that your rebellion accomplish anything?

Yumato grins and turns his face to Commander Eegon.


Yumato: Commander Eegon. Did you know that my father staged terrorist attacks all around the country to blame us for those attacks? Many people died in those attacks.

Commander Eegon keep silent.

Emperor Yamatomaro: Why you continue lying Yumoto. You were a honest person when you were young. What happened to you? You are captured, your rebellion is finished. No matter what you gonna say our allies won't belive in your lies.


Yumato: If there is a lier here, it is you. We have log reports of security cameras around the country that your agents had set up several bombs caused the supposedly terrorist attacks. And I will share the records when I put in trial.

Emperor Yamatomaro: Lies, lies and more lies. Your trial will be held right here right now. You won't have to change to influence more people with your sick ideas.

Yumato: Oh father. You always Loose me off these handcuffs and I will show you who is the better warrior is, who the rightful leader is.


Emperor Yamatomaro: You have two choices. If you agree to bow before me and ask for forgives on national tv, I will let you live. And you will accept your brother as the leader after me withdrawing all your rdinastic privilages. If you don't agree...

Yumato: What? Will you kill me? You can't dare to face another rebellion.


Emperor Yamatomaro: Yoshi come here.

Yumato: You can't do it even yourself? Do you?

Adjutant Yoshi came close with a sword on his hand.


Emperor Yamatomaro: This is your last chance. Beg for mercy from me, your emperor; or face the consequences.

Yumato: When you turn you back to your people, when your dignity fade away because of your cupidity you are no longer the true leader in my eyes. Therefor I'm not beg for anything.

After hearing the insulting words, Emperor Yamatomaro gets furious.


Emperor Yamatomaro: Yoshi. Kill him.

Adjutant Yoshi remained hessitant for one moment. He looked to Commander Eegon as if he want confermation of some kind.


Commander Eegon: Proceed as you told.

Emperor Yamatomaro shouts loud andfuriously.

Emperor Yamatomaro: What are you waiting for? Kill him now.

Adjutant Yoshi closes to Yumoto with slow steps.


Yumato: I think you miscalculated something. Father.

In the blink of an eye. Adjutant Yoshi turned to Emperor and sticked the sword into his body.


Emperor Yamatomaro: aaaahh

While his soul slowly exits his body, the emperor speaks his last words...


Emperor Yamatomaro: Yoshi... What have I done to you to deserve this?

Adjutant Yoshi: You have so much faults to count right now Yamatomaro. Don't resist your fate. Let the spirit go free.


Commander Eegon: Yamatomaro. Did you really think that we won't be able to find out what you put into your sword you gave as a gift?


Commander Eegon: Doctor. Come here an check out Yamatomaro. Make sure he is fully dead. Then, take the body out of here.

Commander Eegon: Soldiers, lower your weapons.


Yumato: Thank you, Commander. You saved my life and probably my people from an evil man but I wonder: Why did you betray him?

Commander Eegon: We didn't betray him. He betrayed himself. He gave us a gift for our Emperor in which he put a tracking device. He clearly does not trust us for the long term. This kind of an act can not go unpunished. After realizing the truth about the gift we have contacted you and you proved yourself beeing innocent of the terrorist attacks using the usage the security footages. Yo told us yourself he cannot be stopped until he is dead.

Yumato: Yes He deserved to die. He had to die. He was once a good leader and honorable man. After my moms death he became delusional. He bacame afraid and suspicious of everybody around them. He accused me of trying to overthrow him. Send me to prison. Imprisoned and tortured many people who oppose his actions or want my freedom. People helped me escape and since then I was hiding and organizing protests waiting for the day my father dies. So here we are. My father is dead. What is gonna be next?

Dead body othe the emperor together with the doctor and some of the soldiers went out.


Commander Eegon: I want to send a message to all your rebel-cells to disband them. You will claim that you were able to kill your father and the people can have peace now.

Yumato: Surely I can disband my cells but why should I claim the death of my father?


Commander Eegon: Because if people know that we as the M-throne forces let killed your father, some of your planets people may get angry about us. Even though he is an evil leader himself, there could be a lot of people loving him. More than that as we are visitors from another galaxy people could have some phobia against us and we don't want them to have that.

Yumato: Yes, I guess you're right.


Commander Eegon: You can use the comm to send your message.

Yumato takes the comm device from the soldier and start sending his message


Yumato: I am Yumato, son of Emperor Yamatomaro. This is my message to all my fallowers. I have killed my father who was the route of all evil. This is my message for declaration the end of our rebellion. End of transmission.

Commander Eegon: Thank you for your cooperation. I think Yellow Sun's people will enter a fresh golden age without the Emperor Yamatomaro and without you.


Yumato: What do you mean without me?

Commander Eegon: Soldier. push the button.

The soldier pushed the button of a detonator that activates a small bomb installed inside the comm-device in the hand of Yumato blowing his hand and head off.


To be continued...