Episode 10: End of the Rebellion

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Previously: Episode 9: Test Run

Some time after the test-start of the first intergalactic gate, Commander Eegon is staring at beautiful green lanscape from his room In the M-Throne Security Center on Kiironohoshi, the capitol planet of Yellow Sun Empire.

Old commander talks to himself quietly

Commander Eegon: What a beautiful planet is this. Maybe I can settle in on this planet after I retire. Maybe the Emperor reward me with some land if a become succesful in my mission."


A soldier come into the room. Commander turns back.


Commander Eegon: Yes?

Soldier: Good morning sir. Adjutant Yoshi is here.

Commander Eegon: Good. Let him in.

The soldier left. Shortly after Adjutant Yoshi came in. They shake hands.


Adjutant Yoshi: Good morning sir.

Commander Eegon: Good morning. Is everything going as planned.

Adjutant Yoshi: Yes sir. Emperors treacherous son will be meeting us as planned.

Commander Eegon: Good. Let's take the Emperor with us so he can face his son at last.

Adjutant Yoshi: If everything goes as planned, the meeting will ve a suprising one.

Commander Eegon: It will be indeed.


Commander Eegon: We have no time to lose. Let's handle the situation as swift as possible.

Commander Eegon and Adjutant Yoshi left the building. Together with the Emperor Yamatomaro to went to the cavern where they meet the Emperors tracherous son Yumato.

Yumato was handcuffed and guarded by three M-throne soldier with guns pointing at him. He was medically examined by e M-Throne Army Doctor when they arrived.


Commander Eegon:What is his medical condition doctor?

Army Doctor: He is in perfect healh, commander.

Commander Eegon: Don't go back to the base yet. We may need some more service of you here.

Army Doctor: YEs, sir.

Emperor Yamatomaro got close to his son but now too close. He knows how skillful his son at close-combat is.


To be continued...