Episode 10: End of the Rebellion

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Previously: Episode 9: Test Run

Some time after the test-start of the first intergalactic gate, Commander Eegon is staring at beautiful green lanscape from his room In the M-Throne Security Center on Kiironohoshi, the capitol planet of Yellow Sun Empire.

Old commander talks to himself quietly

Commander Eegon: What a beautiful planet is this. Maybe I can settle in on this planet after I retire. Maybe the Emperor reward me with some land if a become succesful in my mission."


A soldier come into the room. Commander turns back.


Commander Eegon: Yes?

Soldier: Good morning sir. Adjutant Yoshi is here.

Commander Eegon: Good. Let him in.

The soldier left. Shortly after Adjutant Yoshi came in. They shake hands.


Adjutant Yoshi: Good morning sir.

Commander Eegon: Good morning. Is everything going as planned.

Adjutant Yoshi: Yes sir. Emperors treacherous son will be meeting us as planned.

Commander Eegon: Good. Let's take the Emperor with us so he can face his son at last.

Adjutant Yoshi: If everything goes as planned, the meeting will ve a suprising one.

Commander Eegon: It will be indeed.


Commander Eegon: We have no time to lose. Let's handle the situation as swift as possible.

To be continued...