Eva Wilhite

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Eva Wilhite

CEO of Alltimate Corporation


Eva Wilhite is the CEO of Alltimate, the primary defence contractor in the Czecho-Slovenian Republik. Her tenure has seen the diversification of Alltimate's product lines, increases in sales, and the upgrade of the CSR to TL6.

Early Life

Eva was born in Bavaria but her parents emigrated to the CSR while she was a teenager. There she finished high school and went on to study both business and robotics at an Assyrian university. This educational background made her appear to be a prime candidate for an opening with the then-fledgling weapons manufacturer, Alltimate Corporation.

Career with Alltimate

Alltimate only produced small arms and munitions when Eva joined the company. However, her knowledge of advanced robotics that she gained from studying in the ASE led her to initiate a hardsuit project at the company. After a year, Eva and her team released the Brawler combat suit which sold well in the domestic market and had modest sales abroad. Alltimate was able to secure expensive procurement contracts with the CSR for the new hard suits which helped Alltimate grow almost exponentially. Eva's leadership was lauded by the board and the CEO agreed to have her made VP of Research and Development. While in R&D she continued work on hard suit design and ultimately they were able to produce the first Black Knight models. The Black Knights were an even greater success than the Brawlers, selling very well in foreign markets. Even the ASE bought some Black Knights. About a year after the success with the Black Knight model line, the CEO stepped down to take an executive position at a different company and Eva was named CEO by the board.