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(Dominions and Empires)
(Dominions and Empires)
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File:C500_flag.png|[[The Council of 500]]
File:C500_flag.png|[[The Council of 500]]
File:Blankfaction1.jpg|[[Czecho-Slovenian Republik]]
File:Blankfaction1.jpg|[[Czecho-Slovenian Republik]]
File:Anno Flag.PNG|[Democratic Republik of Han Khan]]
File:DannebrogBeta.jpg|[[Kingdom of Denmark]]
File:DannebrogBeta.jpg|[[Kingdom of Denmark]]
File:Blankfaction1.jpg|[[ESF Empire]]
File:Blankfaction1.jpg|[[ESF Empire]]

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Articles in this category: Category:Factions and Forces

Many factions and civilizations exist in the BrikVerse. Here, they are organized relative story function. There may be some overlap in concept. Where Factions are not yet fully realized on the wiki and given their own pages, they should appear in the Big List of Countries. Factions in BrikWars can generally be described in one or more of three different ways. Toybox Factions are factions that are significantly represented by real, physical toys. StoryBrik Factions are factions that have accumulated Kanon through BrikFiction, Battle Reports, Forum Battles, and the like. StoryBook Factions, or BrikFic Factions, are factions that are significantly represented by abstract art, such as BrikFiction, digital construction programs and artwork, or physical artwork. Certain construction programs, like LDD, straddle the line between the last two descriptions because some players believe it is firmly a work of fiction and others believe it is a completely viable construction tool. It will become apparent how factions may be described as one browses the Factions and Forces articles. Factions are also typically described as player created or generic. Player created factions are created and maintained by BrikWarriors. As such, they typically have much more detailed stories and characters. Generic factions are factions that have sprung up usually through collaboration on the community's part. Generic factions are not "owned" by any specific player. BrikWarriors are generally respectful of these boundaries but crossover control is exceedingly common. After all, much in the BrikVerse is governed by Open Sores Material policy.

They are here organized first by Category and then by relative size and importance.

Factions by Category

Factions are often related to one another via a number of means. They may be enemies or allies, grouped together by geographic location (such as all the factions belonging to a particular world), part of a Storyline, or even grouped by a strong, central theme. Such factions usually maintain some form of meaningful contact with one another, though this is not always the case. Each page presented below will describe the grouping as a whole and detail which of the above factions are associated with it. The individual faction pages below will also likely detail their various and sundry associations.

Clusterfic Factions

Factions by Function

Factions by Genre

Dominions and Empires

Dominions and Empires represent player factions that have a theme denoting high importance. They are typically, but not always, space faring civilizations.

Organizations and Civilizations

Organizations are usually the smallest of BrikWars player created factions. They range from parties to squads, from packs and gangs to bands and companies, or from small businesses to multi-national corporations. Civilizations usually refers to entire cultures, as opposed to smaller subdivisions.


Bloodlines are minifig lineages that span large numbers of Rekonstruktions. They often own a particularly long history, fraught with heroes, warfare, and betrayal. They are the ties that bind, passing responsibilities, power, relics, and legacies from one generation to the next.

Community Content Factions

Community Content Factions, or sometimes Generic Factions, constitute what are generally construed as any given toy companies "themes"; no specific player can claim "authorship" of these factions because they are fairly universal and easily accessible to all BrikWarriors. Backstories and special rules for these factions have largely been collaborated on by the community, though some factions were designed by a single player and freely given over to community use. This allows newcomers, in particular, to play a faction "straight from the box." These factions follow the Community Content Guidelines

Elder Civilizations

Elder Civilizations are very large groups, often singularly governed, which have been present since the Time of Spacemen. Each one of them is centered around a colored theme. The Elder Civilizations are generic army descriptors that exist to give a backstory to armies that have simply been thrown together on the spot; it's a lot cooler to be able to say you're fielding an assault team of Joharan Raiders than it is to say that you picked out all of the yellow minifigs from the box and thus you are Team Yellow.

Aennri, the Green Autocracy

Fleyor, the Pink Pansies

Johar, the Yellow Raiders

Kirsiti, the White Knights

Kraan, the Black Empire

Meikon, the Blue Federation

Pantus, the Grey Threat

Rios, the Orange Conspiracy

Setvia, the Red Robot Socialist Republik

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