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Magik is the SuperNatural power representative of the ability to bend reality to one's will, granting a practitioner control over various and sundry SuperNatural agencies and forces of nature. Often thought of as more of a "mental" ability (due to the expansive knowledge base associated with most magikal disciplines) it is, in reality, far more often a spiritual ability. Its use requires a deep strength of character, a potent willpower, on the part of the practitioner and this more than anything else is the defining characteristic of Magik. Whether the power is borrowed or self-generated, it is the guiding will of the Caster that makes Magik a reality, a forceful manifestation into existence. Many Casters see Magik as a "Flow" of energy which is in constant movement throughout each creature and the universe itself. They see Casting Magik as "tapping into" that Flow and grasping the energy there, drawing it from the Flow and shaping it into something useful. This is the most commonly accepted Theory of Magik because it is one of the few that adequately unifies the disparate approaches to Magik.

Magikal Categorization

In the BrikVerse, there are three major types of Magik.

Granted Magik

Granted Magik is power that is given to a Caster by some outside, and often extremely powerful, agency like a god or demon. Though generated and shaped by another, it still requires great concentration and strength of spirit to channel properly. Sometimes this magik is requested in a specific form, perhaps through prayer or supplication as in the case of Clerical Magik. Other times, it is merely bestowed, as per the boon of a deity on a particular hero.

Borrowed Magik

Borrowed Magik results from a Caster siphoning energy from a power source not his own. This might be Clerical energy drawn from the wake of an Angel, Druidic energy drawn directly from Nature, or Nekromantik power drawn from an old cemetery steeped in death energies. Whatever the case, Borrowed Magik is naturally occurring, unfocused and unshaped by conscious will, and it requires a Caster of intense focus and determination to master.

Generated Magik

Generated Magik comes from within, a pure imposition of one's will on the outer universe. It uses the energy found within one's own spiritual being and requires a Caster with a deep well of energy reserves and personal drive to accomplish. This is the most basic, fundamental kind of magik.

Magikal Disciplines

There are hundreds of known disciplines in the BrikVerse, far too many to provide an exhaustive list here. They are, however, generally similar to magical disciplines of similar nomenclature from other universes. The most common examples are Clerical Magik, Druidic Magik, Explosivomancy, Teknomancy, Nekromancy, and Summoning.

Notable Examples of Magik in the BrikVerse


Perhaps the most notable examples of Magik come from the planet Medivo, where a number of races possess magikal affinity. During the War of Unification on the continent Northeros, the Majistik Order of Wizards created a system of Ley Lines along which was focused the Flow of Magik. The lines are connected by various runestones and monoliths, which serve as focal points and caches for the mystikal energy. Though normal minifigs are cut off from this energy, some Majistik Tek, primarily in the form of special Staves, has survived the test of time. These Staves allow the minifigs to cast a particular brand of Clerical Magik. Other examples of magikal use is prevalent as well, such as that found in the Runes, rechargeable one shot spells bound by appropriate runic sigils, of the RuneKnights.