Manly Fuckin' Santa

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Manly Fuckin' Santa


Manly Fuckin' Santa

MFS is bar none the Badest Meanest Manliest Fuckin'ist Bastard ever born or created. He's the kind of bastard that comes round once a year, eats the biscuits, drinks all your dad's beer and shags your mom ragged before shitting in your stockings and pissing off into the night. And that's not just one incident, he goes round the entire world dishing up this treatment in a single night AND the things he can pull out his sack would make the eyes water.

On rare occasions when MFS turns up for a fight, there's usually beer around somewhere, or cookies. Some speculate that the introduction of Maniac Beer has been the recent cause of the many unprecedented sightings of MFS lately and his apparent manly respect for the Immortals. He is followed by a willing band of Hoe, Hoe, Hoes and at times Manly Fuckin' Elves too that do all the girly work but he likes to be in the thick of the fighting at all times.

The last person to ask how many Piltoggs MFS generated has still to be identified. Women swoon, babies start to cry, and grown men wet themselves at the mere mention of his name. But enough of this guff, just look at the pictures if you dare to know: There is no other as manly as MFS.