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Natco (Natural Company)
Fanatic Environmentalist Corp
Notable People
None listed

Forever overshadowed by rival corporation Octan, Natco has decided that the only way to compete is by force. Using their proprietary green power sources, they aim to fight against pollution, protect natural environments and expand green energy all around the galaxy. Natco war machines often double as high-tech farming implements, as they need to cultivate large numbers of plants to power their technology.


The color scheme is primarily white and green, and their vehicles commonly use solar panels and terrariums as power sources. They sometimes have dark blue or gold as accent colors.

Faction Relationships

The Octan Corporation has been their bitter rival for millennia. Unfortunately, fossil fuels tend to be a lot cheaper and more efficient, so Natco has struggled to maintain a foothold in the market.

While there have been no recorded encounters so far, it has been speculated that Natco and Da Brootalz might be unlikely allies as Brootalz are actually plant life.