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(Ragnablok Color Advance SP)
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Hey, don't look at this, it's secret. I'm just trying to see if these ideas are cool or not. This could be a framework for the post-ragnablok period. People need time to stretch their legs in the new kanon but eventually I figure we'll want to do new overarching stories. The sections are all named after famous sequels, if you're wondering. But don't do that! Because none of this is happening yet.

Ragnablok 2: Shattered Empires

Following Ragnablok, only the strongest star empires remain intact in the Brikverse. Even these, however, struggle to regroup their scattered and beaten armies. Below the astral plane, survivors wrestle over the meager resources of the Endless Battleplate. Minor factions, cast down like the rest of the rabble, build strength to return to their place in the stars. Da Brootalz, once a rabid scourge on the galaxy, now live without purpose and must build a society from scratch. First, they'll probably need women. The Rubrum Crucesignatis finds itself as the preeminent alliance in the Brikverse. Can they bring the people together for the Greater Good, or will evil reign supreme in this new Brikverse? The Immortal Alliance finds itself split as factions choose sides between Warhead, heir apparent to the old Empire, and Auric, the old Emperor's step-brother in exile. But as the factions around them adjust to the new world, do the old rivalries even matter?

New factions rise, old factions change. They may be scattered across the Beige Carpet but they still cross paths thanks to interdimensional warp gates, folds in reality, and other convenient plot devices. What they do when they meet will define the new Brikverse for generations to come.

Ragnablok Color Advance SP

The collapse of the Nehellenium Galaxy led to a radical restructuring of factions. As it was no longer appropriate to distinguish factions geographically, factions slowly grouped into the ancient color categories that once defined all minifigures. Ragnablok stripped these factions of their politiks and kanon, leaving only their core colors to define them. Though the ancient names have been lost to time, characteristics of the colors still permeate through all their descendants. The colors are generally antagonistic to each other, but can work together toward a common goal. Some factions seek to dominate their color kin, while others use their similarities to build unity. Others still reject all definition of color, choosing instead to become (or remain) Hodgepodge factions.

Note: I am trying to limit the list below to active factions, i.e. factions that are have seen updates in the last year or so. I don't know all of them but w/e.

Red - The Crusaders

The Red Crusaders use their unparalleled strength to defend the weak and venture boldly on epik quests.

Blue - The Conquerors

The Blue Conquerors use their majestic space armies to extend control over the Brikverse.

Yellow - The Builders

The Yellow Builders derive their power from creative use of the unlimited resources of the Brikverse.

Orange - The Renegades

The Orange Renegades fly under the radar, wheeling, stealing, and dealing for what they need.

Black - The Destroyers

The Black Destroyers work out their angst over Ragnablok by crushing their enemies.

Grey - The Defenders

The Grey Defenders protect their own, and anyone with enough scrip to pay for their war machines.

White - The Paladins

The White Paladins seek to establish order wherever they are, at any cost.

Green - The Wanderers

The Green Wanderers make their homes wherever there are resources to support them, even if they have to fight for them.

Brown - The Poop

The Brown Poop was, sadly, not eradicated by Ragnablok, so we still have to deal with them every so often.

Ragnablok 2: Quantumsurfer Boogaloo

In the new Brikverse, reincarnation is commonplace and resources are unlimited. Minifigs are free to live out their dearest violent impulses with minimal consequences, since anything can be rebuilt or retooled. Leading scientists believe this is due to a new flexibility in the Plot fabric of space-time, possibly due to interference by Quantumsurfers. While the meddling of Quantumsurfers was discouraged in the Nehellenium Galaxy in strict adherence to the principles of Static Kanon, today they roam freely throughout the Brikverse. Some are benevolent, some are mischievous, but all will give minifigs goodies if defeated in combat. Most Quantumsurfers have favorite factions that they assist, and ideas for story arcs that they impose on hapless minifigs.

The Ragnablok Strikes Back

The Old Gods continue to wander the Endless Battleplates, plotting new brikpocalypses. I don't really know if this is a real idea, I just thought of the section heading.

Foundation and Ragnablok

A small group of scientists, historians, and megalomaniacs are attempting to restore the original Brikverse to its pre-Ragnablok state. Many search for this fabled Foundation, whether to destroy it or help it along in its goal.