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Slavonik Imperiya
Multidimensional Empire
Tek Level 7
Controls considerable territory and power in the Novomir Realm, As well as a small presence in the Gold Sector

Headquarters: Fort Khrabrost, Alpha Region

Musashi Clan, Sindrian Diktat
Stroiteliga Bratva, Black Legion, Armata Alliance, Imperiya Novaya, Svoboda
Notable People

A Slavonik Shock Trooper Grenadier, specialists within the Shock Trooper Corps, veteran assault units employed by the Imperiya. The Cold stare of the Shock Trooper helmet has become an icon of the Imperiya's military. Art credit to Ninja_Bait

The Slavonik Imperiya /Sla-vonik Im-peer-iya/ (Slavonik Script: Монолитная Империя) is a faction from the realm of Novomir and is considered to be the largest and most powerful of the known factions of the realm. When the realm was created, nefarious powers modelled this new Empire directley after the fallen Galacian Imperiya.

Imperiya Color Code
Primary Secondary Tertiary Transparent (Vehicle) Transparent (Weapon) Faction Identifier
White Black Orange Smoke Light Blue Orange


The Origin of the Imperiya has been largely lost and forgotten to time, the Realm of Novomir has changed so radically in recent times that such things are hardly important. What is generally beileved about the Slavonik Imperiya is that it has existed since the initial decline of Elder dominion, possibly starting as a faction of an entity known only as the "First Alliance", The Realm's first attempt at a unified governing body of non-magikal Minifigs. The First Alliance failed due to it's wide range of territory and ineffecient infrastructure, but many former members of it would go on to resettle other areas, and start groups of their own that still survive today. As Magikal-Elder populations retreated due to the "Mortals" steadily outpacing them, it is believed that the early Imperiya steadily grabbed territory and technology from the waning Elders.

Employing the principles of Law, Order and Security in a land that was well known for all sorts of Dangers in the wild, they were able to quickly gather the necessary support in order to take on large projects. Imperial cities dotted the central plate worlds of Novomir and they quickly became the realm's de facto center of Minifig activity. Their control over the affairs of so many residents directley led to the creation of a number of sepratist, dissident or otherwise rival groups across Novomir. Some would try to carve out an alternative to Imperial Life whereas others would actively fight them. The Stroiteliga Bratva "Builder's League" was the largest of these groups, The Imperiya would fight a number of skirmishes against the League for years while a dwindling number of Elders, calling themselves the Council of Anwar tried to maintain Realm peace in a diplomatic alliance of sorts with most of the factions of the Realm. When it all came crumbling down, there was little to stop groups from fighting each other again.

However shortly after the fall of Anwar, it became known to many of the leaders of the realm that a powerful and nefarious entity was lurking in the shadows, a sentient crystal known only as the Monolith was influencing Minifigs into committing acts of great damage and destruction. And furthermore the Monolith was making the very fabric of reality unstable. A temporary Alliance was struck between the Imperiya, League, and most of the major players of Novomir. Having committed the most resources to the war against the Monolith, the Imperiya was left holding most of the cards when the powers came to discuss the aftermath of their war.

Mediated by Kast, the Aftermath of the Monolith War would see the Imperiya inherit the remains of the crystal. It would be used to open up a number of interdimensional portals to other parts of the Brikverse. Furthermore, the remaining power in the crystal was to be used for the good of the realm itself. Namely to ensure that for better or for worse, Novomir's existence would be kept afloat. Given their already established power over the realm and being the center for most minifig life in the realm, it was agreed that the Imperiya should have control of the Crystal, but distinctly not under the control of a Military figure but a Civilian one, who would be more "neutral" And thus the Imperiya would adopt a dual leadership system. An "Emperor" who would use the powers of the crystal to protect Novomir from the paranormal and cosmic entities of the fabric of Reality, and a Military leader who would protect the Realm from it's more physical outlets, like Minifigs and Monsters.

In mid R2020. With no ceremony or explanation, the dwindling Elder population left Novomir in a mass exodus. This left the entire realm in crisis as most civilizations had built themselves around the luxuries and tek advancements provided by the Magikal Elders. The most important device was the Elder Forge. A machine that when powered by one or more cannisters of liquefied crystals called Ichor, could produce almost any kind of part or complex component. Such machines were used for creating everything from the very building blocks of structures, all the way to armored components for tanks, assembled guns, personal armor and hi-tek devices. The forges themselves as with most Elder tek was created with an ultra rare golden material that non-elders had no idea how to work with. In essence the knowledge of creating and maintaining these forges was lost with the Elders when they left, only a couple thousand still existed in the realm. Further adding to the problems was that the crystals they used for fuel, were rather rare themselves.

In a move of jaw dropping stupidity, The then Emperor at the time, with little understanding on how to handle Elder-Tier Magik, attempted to use the power of the Monolith to artificially duplicate vast reserves of Ichor. The process backfired spectacularly, Ichor fields across the realm experienced an unprecedented explosion of growth, fields expanded a hundredfold. Completely overtaking many plate worlds and rendering then uninhabitable, the material properties of Ichor were hazardous to unprotected minifigs, and it accidentally killed a lot of minifigs. The then Emperor at the time, his name forever stricken from records in disgrace, had also managed to blow himself up in the process, and greatly diminished the power of the Monolith crystal. This incident would usher in the era known as the Ichor Wars, (R2020-Present).

During the crisis of the Black Crusade, the Imperiya's ability to respond was hamstrung by an internal conflict that resulted in several of it's subfactions openly fighting each other. Some say this was orchestrated by nefarious agents with sympathies to the Black Legion, as despite being rivals a combined Imperial/League effort would have quickly halted the Legion in it's tracks. However it was not meant to be, and the Stroiteliga Bratva was ultimately abandoned to it's fate.

Ethos & Objectives

Having existed since time immemorial in the realm of Novomir, the overall goal of the Slavonik Imperiya has understandably changed over time, based on the world around it.

Since R2020, With the opening of inter dimensional portals, the departure of the Elders, and the vastly deteriorating state of the realm due to Ichor contamination, the Slavonik Imperiya has officially assumed the mantle of the central government of the plate worlds of Novomir. While they control only about 20% of the still habitable realm, they control the most important 20%. Millions of minifigs inhabit Imperial protected lands.

In the past, the Imperiya had been seen by both outsiders and citizens alike as a morally corrupt entity. But with the state of the Realm, even their harshest critics must acknowledge what they are trying to accomplish. The Imperiya seeks to defend and protect the habitable territory that remains, slow the spread of Ichor contamination, provide for it's citizens, and most recently they have made attempts to colonize other worlds outside of their own realm. Notably exploring the area known as the Gold Sector in the Galaxia Nehellenium. A series of star systems that if Legends are to be beileved, were the origin from which their plate world realm was created.

One mission of the Imperiya that has caused them to butt heads with it's own citizens as well as others however, has been the subject of Magik. Eversince the incident that spawned the Ichor crisis, the Imperiya has outright banned almost all forms of Magik across the realm. Anything other than low level magik is often punishable by incarceration or sometimes even death. Magikal artifacts from the Elder era are treated as weapons of mass destruction, and entire Agencies are established to hunt down and safeguard Magik staffs and other artifakts.

Even after all of this, for better or for worse. The Slavonik Imperiya still maintains it's original mission, To uphold Law the law, establish Order, and provide Security for it's citizens.

The Imperiya is known to pay artists vast sums of credits in order to do up fancy propaganda pieces in an attempt to impress and awe minifigs into joining their ranks. Artwork by Ninja_Bait

Leadership & Governance

The Slavonik Imperiya considers itself to be the ruling Civil Government and Military power of the realm of Novomir, and thus despite not having complete control over all territories, it's leaders share an interest in the stability of the realm at large.

A secretive council of politicians, military leaders and psychics will periodically select an individual to take up the responsibility and title of that of Emperor. An individual of notable prowess in controlling Magikal artifakts will be selected for the role for a finite period.While this position's power is considered absolute, the majority of their time in power is spent using the Magikal throne to build or repair plate worlds across the realm. Their responsibility is as much to the land as it is the people, to ensure that the realm has a future regardless of who lives on it. Ever since one particular Emperor misused the throne and caused the Ichor Crisis, the council that selects the Emperor has made sure to keep anyone they pick in check once they take power

On the other hand, the actual territories controlled by the Imperiya are ruled by a feudal caste of regional lords. Each commanding large armies and various industries and assets. Unlike a traditional feudal kingdom however, there is a high degree of standardization and uniformity. In short, These Lords are little more than Regional governors who are not elected, and power is only transferred when one dies or willingly gives it up


While the territory of the Imperiya is mostly static, small areas are occasionally added to the collective territory once they have become modernized and civilized enough. Generally this will happen one of two ways, either by Imperiya development in sparsely populated or empty areas. Or Much smaller local groups being offered an olive branch to join the Empire and reap collective benefits. In the case of the latter, Many of these local authorities will accept the offer and gradually assimilate into the larger entity. Until then they will maintain a moderate degree of autonomy. Militarily it is not unusual for these Autonomous zones to be fielding their own troops that are supplied with Imperiya military hardware. Unfortunately these smaller groups have been known to drag their allies into conflicts, as well as even start fighting amongst each other from time to time

Known Autonomous Regions, Sub-Factions of the Slavonik Imperiya


The Slavonik Imperiya trains a large and complex military force with a number of branches. Utilizing Volunteer Auxiliaries, Conscripts, and Professional contract soldiers. They also maintain a large and varied Motor pool and fleet

Ground Units

Infantry Units

Unit Preview Skill Move Armor Kit Notes
Armiya Troopers Sli1.jpg D6 5" 4 Carbine,
Heavy Rifle
or LMG
The basic footsoldiers of the Imperiya are conscripts serving limited terms in the Army. They are organized into large squads led by trained squad leaders and equipped with a variety of small arms
RPG Troopers Sli2.jpg D6 5" 4 MK2 Launcher Every Infantry squad is issued at least one RPG for fighting enemy vehicles and blowing up enemy structures or defenses
Combat Medik Grreg (2).jpg D6 6" 4 Carbine
Each squad has at least 1 trained medik who's responsibility is to revive any fallen soldiers that can still be saved. When not doing that, they also carry a weapon to fight with.
Heavy Gunner Grreg (3).jpg D6 5" 4 HMG Each squad also has a weapons specialist using a heavy machinegun for suppressing enemy troops or otherwise multiplying their firepower.
Squad Leader Grreg (5).jpg D8 5" 4 Carbine Each squad is led by a junior officer who's job is to coordinate the squad base on orders from their chain of command
Engineers Grreg (4).jpg D6 5" 4 Pistol, Tools Building and Repair specialists who construct fortifications on the field, and repair vehicles and equipment
Recon Scouts Grreg (9).jpg D6 6" 4 Carbine or
Heavy Rifle
Light infantry who's job is to primarily observe and report enemy movements and scout ahead of larger forces
Shock Troopers Grreg (11).jpg D8 6" 4 Carbine or LMG Veteran soldiers that are deployed in their own formations, sometimes on their own, and sometimes along the regular army. They are essentially upgraded versions of assault troops. With better training and transported in stronger vehicles
Shock Grenadiers Grreg (8).jpg D8 6" 4 Heavy Rifle & Mk1
Grenade or Launcher
Assault Specialists within the Shock Trooper cadre. Carrying grenades and underbarrel launchers, They storm enemy positions while others pin them down
Shieldbearers Grreg (10).jpg D8 5" 5 Pistol & Large Shield Heavy support units who lock down close quarters with giant ballistic shields
Dragoons Grirreg (1).jpg D8 6"*
Shotgun Close Combat vanguard units who jetpack around the field and blast shotguns at point blank range.
Can move 6" on foot but can use it's jetpack to move up to 12 inches freely, once per turn
Vampir Gunners D8 5" 4 Mk3 heavy launcher or
Heavy Weapon
Dedicated Anti-Vehicle heavy weapon units
Stalkers Grirreg (3).jpg D8 6" 4 Carbine, Sniper, Shotgun or
Heavy Rifle
Stalkers are the Imperial special forces. They use a variety of Army issued weapons as well as their own custom modifications.
Stalker Heavies 50139365901 bc8f5d9fa6 c.jpg D8 5" 5 Heavy Weapon or HMG Stalkers using heavy armor and heavy weapons
Svarog light Mechs D8 5" 6+2D10* SMG & HMG Mechanized power armor suit used to bring heavy firepower to a battle where things like tanks and artillery just wont fit.
Unit is technically a Vehicle. With a size and armor rating of 2. Once size is reduced to 0 the Unit then uses it's 6 Armor value as health
Officers Grreg (6).jpg D8 5" 4 Pistol or Carbine Commissioned officers that are charged with leading various groups of units, Some lead them on the field while others bark orders over radios
Militia D6 5" 4 Carbine, Shotgun or Heavy Rifle Volunteers and Paramilitary units that help out in the fringes of the Empire

Ground Vehicles

Vehicle Preview Vehicle Class Weapons Crew Skill Notes
Husky Utility Vehicle Husky.jpg UTIL Unarmed D6 A converted civilian truck used for light base duties and rarely used in battle
Samoyed Cargo Truck Samoyed.jpg CARGO Unarmed D6 A larger utility truck used for general military cargo and occasionally as a troop transport in battle
Malamute Heavy Truck Malamute.jpg CARGO Unarmed D6 Heavy industrial vehicle used for cargo lifting and occasionally towing, as well as military mining operations
Koyot Scout Vehicle UTIL Unarmed D6 Lightly armored fast vehicle used for scouting and spotting
Zaton Control Car Zaton.jpg UTIL Unarmed D6 Light communications van used as a mobile forward command post for units in the field.
Grenzer III MRAP Grenzer3.jpg ACAR LMG D6 Basic troop transport for combat zones, operates a remote controlled LMG turret
Grenzer V MRAP Grenzer5.jpg APC LMG, Light Missile D6 Larger version of the Grenzer. Can carry more troops inside as well as on the outside. Also carries a missile launcher
Yeger APC Yeger.jpg APC HMG D6 Wheeled armored personnel carrier used by the regular Army, can carry more troops
Dozor APC Dozor.jpg APC HMG D8 Wheeled armored personnel carrier used by professional troops, smaller capacity but better crew training
Bryusa IFV Bryusa.jpg HAPC HMG, Mk1 Gun D8 Tracked Infantry fighting vehicle. Large troop capacity and powerful armament
Kodiak Medium Tank Kodiak.jpg MARM LMG, Mk2 Gun D6 Frontline Battle Tank, deployed in large numbers alongside regular army
Amur Assault Tank Amur.jpg MARM Quadlinked HMG D6 Modified Battle Tank used for Anti-Air purposes and sometimes as an assault gun
Rakushka Heavy Tank Rakushka.jpg HARM HMG, Mk3 Gun D8 Vastly improved and more powerful Battle Tank, generally only serves alongside professional troops, not conscripts.
Malka Seige Tank Malka.jpg HARM Mk4 Gun D8 Self Propelled artillery vehicle equally used for shelling, destroying structures and as a heavy anti vehicle role
Bogatyr Mech Bogatyr.jpg HMECH Twinlinked Mk2 Gun D8 Heavy bipedal armored combat suit used by elite units in place of a tank where tanks cannot fit
Ogre Super Tank Ogre.jpg SHARM HMG, Mk1 Gun, Mk4 Gun D8 Super Heavy tank and Mobile command center rolled into one, the single largest land vehicle in Imperiya service

Space Units

Small Aerocraft Smaller craft that are suitable for operations in both the Plate World Realm of Novomir, as well as other worlds.

Craft Preview Class Weapons Pilot Skill Notes
Strela Strilka.png Fighter Twinlinked HMG, Light Missiles D6 Light multirole starfighter equipped with both general purpose missiles as well as high power guns
Barsuk Barsuk.png H Fighter Twinlinked Mk1 Gun, Heavy Missiles D8 More powerful twin pilot heavy fighter, larger stronger and faster than the Strela
Berkut Berkut.png CAS / Transport HMG, Light Missiles D8 Heavily armored CAS gunship with a troop compartment

Fleet Ships

Due to the nature of the realm of Novomir, fleet ships are largely impractical for use there. The larger ships of the Slavonik Navy are generally only used in the dimension of their Gold Sector Holdings

Starship Preview Class Notes
Aguya Aguya.png Transport Large military freighters used for the transport of ground based assets to new theatres of war
Ruslan Galfrigate1.png Frigate small patrol and screen craft. Generally seen as the smallest of the proper military ships that are made soley for war.
Pachenko Suzu3.png Destroyer The larger of the screen ships, exists in both a gun and a missile loadout version.
Rasputin Galn cruiser1.png Light Cruiser A budget stopgap between the destroyer screens and the proper capital ships.
Zvezda Galzvez.png Cruiser It's name translates to "Star" The Zvezda is the main capital ship of the Slavonik Navy, Heavily armored, heavily armed, and sporting a vast array of cyberwarfare systems for support and defense
Brusilov GalBattleship1.png Battleship The Brusilov is the largest class of capital ships used by the Slavonik Navy, bristling with small turrets, autocannons, broadside guns and two massive triple barreled deck guns
Volshebnik Galsorc.png Carrier It's name translates to "Sorcerer", these are Battleships that have had much of their deck and hold modified to be used as mobile carriers, launching a number of smaller craft from their bays


The Slavonik Imperiya is based on an amalgamation of Eastern European nations with a secondary influence being that of feudal Japan. Many influences are also taken from units and designs in video games.