The Scythian Shorts

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The Scythian Shorts are a collection of tales from within the Scythian Empire, written by The Shadowscythe. They are favored by many in both the Four Rums and the Far-Ums due to their thoroughly epic narratives, even though literature is uncommon and the crowds often demand the instant gratification of live action or the video feeds. Thus far, several of the tales have been released:

Border Patrol

The Original Broadcast of Border Patrol, released beginning March 27, 2010, presented here in its entirety.

Perchance to Dream

The Original Broadcast of Perchance to Dream, released beginning June 5, 2010, presented here in its entirety.


The Original Broadcast of Landfall, released beginning February 27, 2011, presented here in its entirety.


The Original Broadcast of Betrayals, released beginning July 7, 2012. This story is currently ongoing.