Time Traveling Super Jews

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Time Travelling Super Jews
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Time Travelling Army
TL 7
100 star systems
None listed
None listed
Notable People
Eric Horowitz

Timothy Goldberg

Kate Stein

TTSJ forces in Operation Silver Bullet.

The Time-Traveling Super Jews come from a far future timeline where racism is still rampant. Their ultimate goal is to conquer all of the major forces in this time in the hopes of returning to a future without prejudice.

The command squad of TTSJ heroes, chief Mechanik and Medik and resident Bounty Hunter in the back.

Notable Figures

  • The Super Jews leader is Eric Horowitz, an engineer who has constantly taunted about his religion. He was the one that developed the Super Jew's time machine and convinced an army to follow him into the past.
  • Eric's right hand man is Timothy Goldberg, a cunning officer and skilled strategist. Timothy makes the plans and Eric executes them.
  • But when Eric and Timothy are busy, Kate Stein takes over as infantry commander and resident Bad-Ass. Armed with an OTC, she is nearly unstoppable in melee combat.
The TTSJ B.S.S. Shapiro Corvette


The Super Jews use a variety of weapons but focus mainly on lasers. They use a select few solid shot weapons such as railguns and autocannons but make good use of missiles. They are currently experimenting with concentrated energy weapons.

Recently, the Super Jews developed a capitol ship, Ha'Abir, an Ultra-Heavy Attach Cruiser. The Shapiro is also the first Super Jew military vehicle with shield technology.