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All the dimmies of the Brikwars universe have recently banded together in shape worship, the most popular of which is belief in The Great Triangle. This brikfaith was created by The Mighty Pesgores of Lisboa in the 2,007th galactik revolution. It is based off of a belief introduced to the galaxy by the one known only as The Wizard. He has since then denounced the faith, but avid followers now see The Mighty Pesgores as the patron of all insanity, and thusly follow blindly. These people are known as Triangleists. Followers of The Great Triangle can be distinguished from the followers of the other brikfaiths by several unique factors:

1. Over analysis of all things in order to prove that The Great Triangle relates to all. This includes using advanced geometric equations to link things such as 'Nuklear Missiles' and 'The Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Austria by the Austrian Underground in 1914' to the mystical three sided shape. 2. Overuse of the phrase 'Triangle Job'. This saying, a holy one for The Great Triangle's followers, usually means 'Good Job' or 'WTF was that' or 'Cool', but it's meaning varies from person to person. 3. Belief that The Great Triangle is greater than all other silly beliefs; because it is.

As this is a far worse abomination than dimmies, jaw-jaws, negablox and peaches combined any sane minifig must attack the blabbering idiots on sight or forever be shunned by his friends for seeing such an evil thing but not destroying it. Needless to say, armies led by a believer of The Great Triangle tend to be made up of fanatical cultists that despise all other brikfaiths. All Triangleists must attack anything represented to be religious or religion.

Despite their opposition to religion in its usual forms, Triangleist mystics believe in an elaborate secret order and geometry to the universe. In the Triangleist belief system, the powerful forces that advance the cause of this geometry are represented by a host of Angles, Archangles, and Triangles according to their strength and authority. A corrupted Angle that tries to hinder and sabotage the Great Triangle is known as a Demno or an Archdemno. Or, in its most vile and perveted form, a Randemno. The phrase "Randemno Job" is the worst curse and foulest insult conceivable to the Triangleist mind.

Triangleists created the Bermuda Triangle to show their power to the world. A passenger of Flight 19 hated Geometry and so, the Triangleism. To punish him, the whole plane was taken and melted.

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Higher Stations:

▲ POPE: The role of ▲ Pope is that of the head of the church. He leads the few organized actions of the Triangleists; namely crusades and mathematical masses. The current, and as of yet, only ▲ Pope is The Mighty Pesgores of Lisboa, also the founder of the faith. He preaches mathematical logic, belief in the interconnectedness of all with the triangle, and chaos. His youthful spirit stands as a burning symbol of Triangleism everywhere.

▲ CARDINAL: The ▲ Cardinals are a mysterious caste of Triangleists who embrace their beliefs even more than the average Triangleist. Little is know of their activities by the leymen, but they are most infamous for their direct leadership of the numerous crusades and mass conversions as directed by the ▲ Pope. Chief among the ▲ Cardinals is the Great Ahp77 of Roblox who is renowned for his quick wrath against all who speak ill of Triangleism.

▲ CURSER OF DOOM: Unfilled The ▲ Curser of Doom is a rare title bestowed directly by the ▲ Pope upon the most powerful allies of the Triangleist movement. These proud warriors are the knights of the crusade, often acting as high ranking officers in the Triangleist Guard.

▲ GEOMETRICAL ADVISOR: The Good Ace121 of behind you ▲ Geometrical Advisor is a unique though entirely honorary rank held by the Good Ace121 of Behind Yoo. His powers amongst other Triangleists are nothing in particular, but as an appointee of the ▲ Pope himself, he has great sway amongst the masses from the background. His chief duty is to discover and unravel the Triangeli Code through which the ▲ Pope may bring about the nerging of the Great Triangle and the crushing of all foes. This research has kept Ace121 busy for an extended length of time, keeping him away from the civilised world often in search of clues of the answer.

Enemies of the Church: (These people have taken extreme offense to the church): Silvadream the Wicked. Jifel the Wicked. J+B the N00b. Tahthing the Wicked. And all the un-holy anti triangleists. ("wait dosent that mean im a double enemy"-tahthing)

The ▲ Pope has personally funded a reward of §100,000,000.99 for the capture of these thought criminals. ‍

Triangleists: Natalya the Holy Pesgores the Mighty Ahp77 the Great Ace121 the Good Ranger S2H the Holy Robot Monkey the Epic Predator the Good Others not listed

Hail the ▲, for It controls your every single step.

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▲ ▲

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