Union of Soviet Socialist Space Republics

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Space Communism
TL 6
1000 systems in the Western Arms
None listed
Space Commies
Crimson Dawn
New Soviet Union
United Systems Alliance
Zjednoczona Rzeczpospolita Polska
Republik of Magyar
Notable People
Robo-Stalin, Robo-Lenin
Left to right: RoboStalin, RoboLenin and RoboLenin's whore girlfriend.

The U.S.S.S.R. is a group of star systems united by their thick Russian-sounding accents and unshakeable belief in Space Communism. They are violently opposed to any and all capitalist ventures such as EnCor or Dial O' Death. Supreme leadership is in the cold metal hands of RoboLenin, a mechanical body housing hte brain of the famed 20th century Communist leader.

U.S.S.S.R. tactics emphasize a heavy use of armour, with fewer, more highly trained infantry. Soviet armourers are known to be some of the best in the business creating such marvels as the T-34000 MBT and the Thunderclap Mechanized Weapons Platform. They also employ the mercenary force known as the Royal Canadian Space Marines.

A U.S.S.S.R. T-34000 Tank